(ANSA) – ROME, JUN 14 – A large hanging garden overlooking the city that with its soaring trees will be noticed even from afar. A minimal and clean architectural form, large windows, many useful spaces hidden in the basement. But above all, a jewel of technology, ecology and sustainability, proudly overlooking the future. Once the international competition has ended in record time, the brand new Maxxi Hub begins to take shape with the presentation of the winning project. , an avant-garde center for the restoration of contemporary art, classrooms for teaching and archives, a large garage. And with the green that will also insist under those airy windows, nature and landscape to soften the concrete and screen the road, transforming the museum area into a sort of rediscovered urban park. Entrusted to the group of designers led by the Italian-French firm Lan, the new building will have a budget of 20 million euros made available by the Ministry of Infrastructure and should be completed by the end of 2026. “In fact, the first two pieces of the new Grande Maxxi “begins the president of the foundation Giovanna Melandri, underlining that the winning project also envisages, as requested by the museum staff, the creation of an articulated backdrop of green. Next to her Margherita Guccione, scientific director of the Grande Maxxi project, smiles: “This project convinces us a lot for its inclusion in the complex context of the Maxxi area and the well-balanced architectural writing at all scales of the project”. Co-authors, together with the Lan studio, are SCAPE Architecture, SNA, Bollinger + Grohmann Ingegneria, Franck Boutté Consultants, Bureau Bas Smets, Folia Consulenze. But the commission of experts chaired by Melandri wanted to mention, appreciating them, all the first 5 classified, assigning in addition two special mentions. In spite of the tight deadlines set for the competition, in all just over three months, the participants were really many: “103 were admitted”, underlines Guccione. Lined up in the front rows of the auditorium, the representatives of the winning group do not hide their satisfaction. Umberto Napolitano, who with his partner Benoit Jallon founded and leads the Lan studio in Paris, is the first to speak on behalf of everyone: “We have the ambition to complete Zaha Hadid’s project”, he says, “ours is an extremely contemporary project. , the commission had courage “. For the duo of Lan, who have built a lot in France, it will still be a debut in Italy: “It is an architecture conceived not as a fact in itself, but as the beginning of a story that involves other stories”, he explains again. ‘architect describing the hub that will be, “a piece of the puzzle that was missing”. The idea is that of a dialogue without protagonism with the other two buildings, the sinuous masterpiece by Zaha Hadid and the building from the early twentieth century which now houses the library and archives. But also of a building that is particularly innovative in its technologies, designed as “a climatic ecosystem in which all functions must participate”. The commission’s experts applaud, “we have unanimously chosen a project that we think is elegant and capable of communicating with both the Maxxi and the city”, she comments on behalf of the commissioners Maria Claudia Clemente of Studio Labics. The challenge now is all in the making. Embraced and smiling in the customary photocall, the designers reassure: “We will be able to guarantee the quality and the heartfelt participation that this project deserves”.

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