Maria Vittoria, an affectionate and sensitive child suffering from a genetic disease, who undergoes an innovative treatment, accompanied by her mother who hopes to be able to give her little one a life “a little easier”; Tiziano, 32 years old, father of a little girl who, thanks to a fever taken by her daughter, discovered that she had a benign formation on her heart and is now ready to operate; Stefano, 53, who survived the covid and recovered after a month of induced coma. They are among the protagonists of Inside Gemelli, the docuseries in 9 episodes of 25 minutes directed by Davide Comelli, produced by Lotus Production (a Leone Film Group company) in collaboration with Rai Cinema, debuting from June 15 on Rai Play. A journey inside the Roman university polyclinic considered an excellence in Italy and in the world (every year 82 thousand hospitalizations are carried out, two million outpatient services, 57 thousand interventions). Here we enter the life stories of patients, doctors and nurses committed to “reaching Ithaca, healing, at the end of the treatment” is explained in the story. “When they proposed the project to me, I immediately thought of the pandemic – says director Davide Comelli, of the presentation of the docuseries in the Medicinema cinema of the polyclinic, intended for ‘cinema therapy’ and relief therapy for patients and their families through the seventh art. -. Filming with the covid was a challenge in the challenge we won, both on an authorial and productive level. It was an honor to meet doctors and nurses who fight every day for the lives of their patients, to whom I must say thank you, for having trusted us by allowing us to tell their stories “. The initial stumbling block “was choosing the stories that could be told. Professor Raffaele Landolfi (Scientific Director of Gemelli Training Center) helped us a lot, then we went to the various departments and found great availability from everyone. real life stories, some end well, some don’t, others still go on “comments author Vanessa Collini. For Marco Elefanti, Director General of the Agostino Gemelli IRCCS University Polyclinic Foundation, the docuseries “goes in the direction of legitimizing a hospital of international level like this one where, however, we are always in a self-financing logic. Our commitment is to combine high technology, great competence. and attention to the person “. The idea of ​​Inside Gemelli “was born from wanting to tell some aspects of innovation of the polyclinic precisely in a particularly difficult period, that of the pandemic, when in fact there was a separation between the hospital and the rest of the world – underlines Raffaele Landolfi – With the filmmakers of the series there has been a teamwork that has gradually grown and has also allowed those like me who have been working here for decades to get to know this reality even more deeply “. Rai Play “has over 20 million registered users, we are leaders in smart TV and it is important for us to also address issues like these – underlines Elena Capparelli, director of Rai Play and Digital -. We hardly ever talk about illness by entering into stories . Life, health and care are part of all of us, sharing these stories also gives back some hope and strength, we must not be afraid of difficult stories “. The docuseries naturally lends itself to having a second season, even if nothing has been decided for now. However, a longer episode will arrive (the location is to be decided), entitled Gemini towards the future, in which the point of view will be slightly changed, giving space to doctors and their relationship with patients.