Birthday Eve at the Tribeca festival for the North American premiere of “The Land of Dreams”, the film by Shirin Neshat and Shoja Azari in which she stars alongside Sheila Vand and Matt Dillon. Isabella Rossellini, who turns 70 on Saturday 18 June, continues to reinvent herself, this time in the role of a woman who makes fun of the Mexican waitress because she “left her dreams beyond the Rio Grande”. Daughter of two myths of world cinema, Roberto Rossellini and Ingrid Bergman, herself a beauty myth: seven years ago Lancome hired her for the second time after having unceremoniously put her at the door twenty years earlier because “too old to make you dream to women who will remain young forever “. Born in Rome during the years of the “scandal” of her parents, for Isabella, cinema has been a family profession from the very beginning. He made his debut alongside his mother in 1976 with “Nina”, the last film by Charles Boyer and the last directed by Vincente Minnelli, then in 1979, the year of his marriage with Scorsese, he appeared in “Il Prato” by the Taviani brothers. The union with Martin, already on the third “yes”, lasts less than three years: “He was jealous, I had done a cover of Vogue and he threatened not to go out for a month: he didn’t want to see other men at the newsstand who admired me ‘”, she confided in an interview with her neighbor Charlie Rose who looked for her on the eve of her birthday. Isabella divorces Martin when she becomes pregnant with Jonathan Wiedemann, a Bruce Weber model, whom she marries soon after, but even that union does not stand up to the crisis of the third year. In 1986 David Lynch enters her life who chooses her for “Blue Velvet”, the neo-noir thriller that makes her famous and after Lynch, in the nineties, it is the turn of Gary Oldman in a black moment for the actor who fought against the demons of alcoholism. Publicly single for 25 years (but she had a boyfriend in the months of the Covid lockdown), Rossellini continues to act even if the parts are no longer the protagonist: “It’s difficult for a 70-year-old woman,” she said a few months ago. ago by presenting his father’s “Francesco Giullare di Dio” at the Cineteca di Bologna. In February she was on the set of “La Chimera”, Alice Rohrwacher’s latest film about grave robbers in Maremma, while in March “Julia” was released on Hbo in which she plays the part of Simka, the friend who teaches cooking at iconic telechef Julia Childs. In parallel there is a second career: mother of two children and grandmother of two grandchildren, for some years Isabella has been a “farmer” in the “Mama Farm” estate, 15 hectares on Long Island, where, among hens and “adopted” dogs, is also reinvented in the hospitality sector with a bed and breakfast inspired by its three cultures: American farmhouse, Italian country house, Swedish contemporary. “Mama Farm” is all about organic and Isabella raises 150 vintage chickens (they have names like Andy Warhol and Amelia Earhart and are the subject of her latest book, “My Chicken and I”) and extinct sheep baptized with the names of women artists like (Frida) Kahlo, (Georgia) O’Keefe and even (Greta) Garbo. Nature is not a hobby: the star and director of the short “Green Porno” on the sex life of insects obtained a master’s degree in ethology at Hunter College which, among other things, was used for “Link Link Circus”, directed by Guido Torlonia , half show and half conference together with the trained dog Pan, inspired by his admiration for the animal world.