After the flop of the referendum, Justice remains hanging on the Cartabia reform which is being examined by the Senate. A text that a large part of the judiciary considers “punitive”, almost a revenge of politics. Others point out how it appears to have been written by someone who has never walked a courtroom. What do you think of the reform?


“Overall it is a warm panel that does not solve any problems. In my opinion, the justice reform should be done but in a much more radical way than proposed by Minister Cartabia. Il di lei is a text that deals with gut issues, and without even creating solutions. Look at the electoral reform of the Higher Council of the Judiciary which is totally useless because the power of the currents will not be affected by the proposed changes, or the evaluation of the magistrates where it will change very little and the currents will find a way to assert their power. I tell you very clearly: to make a good reform it was necessary to sit at a table with all the members and above all with the peons who are the ones who live the courtrooms every day. But it has not been done and this confirms that in Italy whoever writes the reforms never has the culture and awareness of what really happens in the prosecutors and courts. Yet it would be enough to go to the judicial offices to realize that the situation is in disarray, so much so that many judicial panels are composed of two judges and not three. Not only. I would like to point out that in the daily routine of our work, we are unable to give a quick response to citizens because it is made impossible for us to do so. This is because we continue to struggle with totally useless causes and inevitably destined for prescription, for bagatellar crimes to which we continue to reserve the penal sanction. But how is it possible not to realize it? “.

In these hours he is discussing the fact that the League, a real defeat in these consultations, intends to pursue the referendum questions by proposing them as amendments to the Cartabia reform. This because “we must take into account the 10 million people who voted”. It does not seem to her a convenient justification for carrying on a personal battle given that the citizens did not show great interest in the referendum so much that they missed the quorum?

“Let’s not joke. But what problems do they solve? I’ll tell you: nobody. We are talking about the question that abolished the request for the 25 signatures required to submit the candidacy to the CSM, passed off as a system to demolish current account. Too bad that getting them is already possible without support. An example is Nino Di Matteo who became a councilor of the CSM without support from the currents. Too bad that when he arrived here, while pursuing serious and acceptable positions, he did not achieve much because he is still in the minority. This shows that the problem is not the 25 signatures but the system of power that exists in the CSM. Let’s face it with serenity, this referendum has been a damage to Justice and I would also like to see the figures on the turnout released from the administrative offices because I’m sure we would see much lower percentages than imagined. And this means that people have understood that these five had nothing to do with the concrete problems of justice. Then let me tell you: in some places the referendum was downright crazy. Just think of the question about the precautionary measures that if he had passed would have left the stalking lives, the scammers and the pushers without protection, to which not even an obligation of presentation to the judicial police could have been applied. A surreal situation “.

The League itself has repeatedly stated that the questions of this referendum, in addition to making justice more efficient, were necessary as they were required by the EU to obtain funds from the NRP. How are things really?

“It’s a lie. They have nothing to do with the PNRR or with the requests for efficiency of the Justice. The truth is that they tried them all to convince the Italians but they failed ”.

Another node is the current account in the CSM, culminated in events to say the least unpleasant. According to many, the possible solution to stop undue influence is that of the draw. You, who have always fought against the currents, believe that this can be a solution to the problem?

“The draw is a huge defeat but, as I have been saying for years, it is the necessary chemotherapy to treat the cancer of the currents. Believe me, the pure draw is the only possible solution and should be maintained for about ten years in order to give the CSM time to disengage from the currents “.

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