“For now” no desire to snatch, no ‘Papeete two’ on the horizon, however we cannot ignore it: after Sunday’s scoppola, the executive must give the Lega “concrete signs of discontinuity and vitality, especially on the economy , starting with pensions “. Otherwise, anything can happen in the fall. In the aftermath of this difficult first administrative shift, a colonel very close to Matteo Salvini, with these words takes stock of the debate within the party, confirming the growing internal discontent a few hours after Giorgia Meloni’s exhortation to pull the plug on Dragons. Troubled waters also in the parts of the pentastellati with Giuseppe Conte who in a press conference spoke openly about the hypothesis of leaving the government. “Leave the government? I have met many people who have made this request to me. I have personally touched this request. Our electorate is suffering. We do not feel like turning our backs on the citizens: I said it when we entered the government and now that we have screwed ourselves into a recessive spiral. We are responsible but no one tells us to shut up, that there is a suspension of the political dialectic “.

Everyone realizes that abandoning the majority, for the League, would mean implicitly agreeing with Fdi, immediately to the opposition. However – the same source admits – the general feeling that emerged from the vote is that the government is not positively perceived by the center-right public opinion, including by the so-called ‘people of VAT numbers’, who only according to “the journalists would have knelt to Draghi” . The proof is in the data: in small towns, where the League is rooted – it is his reasoning – the votes and the mayors are increasing. Instead, it retreats to the larger centers, where the vote of opinion prevails, and where the low approval rating pays for those who support Draghi. Already yesterday evening, a manager very close to Matteo Salvini like the deputy secretary Lorenzo Fontana, opened the front blatantly towards the government.

“If it will be more difficult for the League to stay in government this fall? If it were up to me – he admits on Rete 4 – I am quite tired … I am a free man and I say that if the objective of this government was to try were the least possible of economic problems after the pandemic it was right to try and I am convinced that that choice was right at that moment. But when I do not see that our citizens have a positive response, the League responds to the electorate, not to someone else, respond to their own citizens “. In short, Fontana summarizes, “if the League is not there to affect then it might as well not be there”. “I – he continues – do not want to return to my territory having to be ashamed because this government does not think about the citizens”. “This – he added – is a reflection that the League must make because in the autumn it will be much worse than it is now. Either the Government changes and starts thinking about what interests the citizens or otherwise we will make our choices. Then it will obviously be Salvini who will us he will think with all the others much better and better prepared than I. But as a free and Northern League man – he concluded – I think I can still represent a part of what the League thinks at the moment, which perhaps is not even a particularly minority “. An outburst that is not only personal or extemporaneous, but absolutely in line with the perception of Via Bellerio. Lorenzo – many in the League assure – spoke by transmitting “the sentiment of a very large part of the party”. Strong words that throw new fuel in a party that for months has been experiencing an internal clash, always latent but never exploded, between the secretariat and the so-called ‘governist wing’, often associated with the alleged “party of governors”. However, yesterday’s very disappointing result has reshuffled the cards: it is no coincidence that the Venetian party, considered in the hands of the ‘moderate’ Luca Zaia, who came out heavily reduced by the municipal authorities, comes a radical protest against the government: “We need to go to elections, we cannot continue with governments not legitimized by the vote, there is always an excuse not to decide “, authoritative sources of the Venetian League confide to ANSA. The redde rationem should arrive only at the next Federal Council, in 15 days, after the ballot.

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