Mario Adinolfi’s political adventure was wrecked before reaching the island of Ventotene.
Candidate for mayor on the Pontina island to the indignant cry “no more children” found himself with zero preferences, one less than the enemy list of the gay-LGBT party. On the island, a less obvious destination than Ponza but still coveted by Roman well-being, the new mayor is Carmine Caputo elected with 55% and followed by the outgoing mayor Gerardo Santomauro with 223 votes equal to 44.78%.
On the island, 73.91% of those entitled to vote voted: a more than good figure that makes the zero attached to Adinolfi even more striking. How striking is his reaction. He takes it out on Ventotene, accusing her of being “paramafiosa”, with his dog Ludwig, “not even he voted for me”, with the press that “has never dedicated a line to me” and spares God “who loves the People of the Family in a strange ways, it’s ironic and I love it “.
The invective on Ventotene mafia travels in a post on Facebook. “I attempted a romantic adventure against the logic of paramafioso control of the vote typical of a small southern town and I lost”, she writes disappointed and angry.
The result of Ventotene has also displeased the gay party which will now resort to the TAR. “The challenge of Ventotene was very difficult, which we knew well from the beginning, but we brought our issues on rights, innovation and the environment into the citizen debate – explains Luca Vittori, former candidate for Mayor of Ventotene, spokesman Gay LGBT +, Solidarity, Environmentalist, Liberal party – Furthermore, it remains our firm intention to appeal for the lack of compliance with gender quotas by the winning lists, as they did not give women the right opportunity to stand as a candidate as required by law , therefore we will ask for the intervention of the administrative court, to obtain the cancellation of these lists “. Meanwhile, Adinolfi consoles himself by thinking of the progress made by his party “in all the municipalities in which we have presented ourselves and how decisive we will be in the ballot”. But in Ventotene Adinolfi’s idea of ​​filling cradles did not work: via abortion and within the maternity income. A program that, according to him, not even his dog liked it.