Donald Trump repeatedly ignored his entourage (including Ivanka) who did not believe in the allegations of fraud and listened to his “drunk” lawyer Rudy Giuliani who suggested that he sing victory during the electoral count, then creating the ‘Big lie’: the great lie on the stolen vote that animated the assault on the Capitol by its supporters and still poses a threat.

This is what emerges from the second public hearing with which the parliamentary commission on January 6 is illustrating the results of its investigation into the role of the tycoon in the attack on Congress to overturn the outcome of the presidential elections.

“This one-sided witch hunt is a disgrace to America. It should never have been allowed to happen!” Trump thundered on his social Truth, while his former strategist Steve Bannon continues to call him “the legitimate president of the United States “and Justice Minister Merrick Garland threatens with impeachment (” when we retake Congress in November “) if he charges the tycoon. As some members of the commission are asking, heating up the ongoing political-judicial battle and hoping to prevent Trump from being re-nominated through the courts.

The second hearing dealt another blow to the former president because through republican witnesses once close to him he demonstrated the willfulness with which he pursued his plot since the night of election day. “Today we will tell you the story of how Donald Trump, even knowing he had lost the elections, decided to launch an attack on our democracy and the American people, trying to steal your voice and lighting the fuse that led to the horrific violence of 6 January “, commission chairman Bennie Thomson began, accusing the tycoon of having” supervised and led the conspiracy to overturn the vote and block the transfer of power, an unprecedented pattern in American history “. “Trump’s campaign legal team knew there was no legitimate argument, no fraud, no irregularity or anything else to overturn the election outcome but, despite this, the president went ahead with his plan” in 7 points, the echoed commission vice president Liz Cheney, an anti-Trump republican who accused the tycoon of having “betrayed his supporters by deceiving them on January 6 and continuing to do so”.

All allegations confirmed by witnesses, some are on video recorded: on the night of election day and in the following weeks Trump listened only to an over-excited Giuliani and did not listen to the calls for caution or the refutations of the allegations of fraud by Ivanka , former campaign manager Bill Stepien (who resigned convinced that what was happening was not “necessarily honest or professional”), his team of lawyers, and not even Justice Minister William Barr, whose testimony was devastating. The attorney general described a president “detached from reality” who “never had an interest in the facts” and to whom he had repeatedly told that the allegations of fraud were “false”, “laughable”, “unfounded”, a ” bullshit “. Moreover, his 62 appeals demonstrate this, 61 of which were lost: half in the procedural phase, the other half on the merits because “the allegations were not supported by evidence”, as testified by Benjamin Ginsberg, a Republican lawyer expert in electoral matters who played a key role in the recount of votes in Florida in the Bush-Gore election dispute in 2000. Of the judges who rejected Trump’s appeals, however, 10 had been nominated by him and 22 by Republican presidents, while all three judges of the Supreme court chosen by the tycoon rejected his accusations. Some prosecutors and election leaders also received threats over their decisions, as happened in Georgia and Pennsylvania.

The hearing ended with clips of interviews with the Capitol assailants, who repeated Trump’s “Big lie” about the stolen elections, confirming the manipulation carried out with lies

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