There is confusion under the sky on the stop to the obligation of masks from 15 June. As usual, the uncertainties of the last minute remain and some questions emerge. The symbol of the fight against coronavirus should no longer be worn at the cinema, theater or indoor sporting events and high school exams. But just tomorrow, on the day of “free all”, the Council of Ministers could make some changes.


Goodbye indoor masks

To announce the turning point, in recent days, was the Undersecretary of Health, Andrea Costa: “On June 15th I think we will go to remove the latest restrictive measures such as indoor masks. However, there is still a reflection on the means of transport. For all other places (cinemas, theaters, indoor sporting events) the masks will be removed and there will no longer be the obligation but there will be a recommendation. After two years, I believe the time has come to give confidence to the citizens. There is a different awareness ”.

The Minister of Health Roberto Speranza however, he pushes to extend the obligation to wear masks on board public transport, both national and local. Undersecretary Costa in an interview with Radio Capital confirms that “the hypothesis is to foresee an extension of the use of the mask until the end of September. These are often particularly crowded places and having a little more caution can be positive. As for hospitals and RSAs, he says we are moving towards an extension of the obligation until the end of September ”.

It also confirms the intentions of the Government Franco Locatellipresident of the Higher Council of Health and one of the closest scientific advisors to the Minister of Health Speranza: “We can free ourselves from the mask at this stage in some contexts, I believe that there will be a confirmation orientation on public transport, long-distance trains and perhaps but it is not said about airplanes ”, said the former president of the Scientific Technical Committee dissolved at the end of March.

In fact, in this labyrinth of rules, since last May 16, the European Aviation Safety Agency has eliminated the obligation to wear masks on flights and at airports, provided that European countries do not provide for different rules as in the case of Italy where so far it has remained the same. ‘obligation. As in the recent grades, the paternalistic “recommendation” was passed for the final exams.

While we are waiting for the decree (and the circulars that school managers will have to apply in their own institutes) for the final exams, someone points out that perhaps it would be appropriate to worry about the reopening of schools at the end of the summer, perhaps by trying not to fail for the third consecutive time with mechanized ventilation in the classrooms (an inexpensive yet never seriously considered solution) and with a real organization of transport and distancing.

Covid, infections on the rise

Meanwhile, the weekly data tell of a quarter more cases, going from 114,426 new positives to 144,333. Experts say it could be the effect of the Omicron 5 sub-variant.

Very badly the administration of the fourth dose: -55.8% for the immunocompromised and -56.2% for the other frail subjects. Meanwhile, in Portugal there is a rise in diagnoses from less than 9 thousand per day to over 29 thousand in just over a month while the minister of health in Germany talks about a new wave of predictable Covid and recommends wearing masks and taking the fourth dose.

The feeling, once again, is that decisions are made on an emotional basis far removed from numbers. The strategy is always to cross your fingers.

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