First the threat to the government with the rain of amendments on the CSM, then the step back that leaves everything as it is. It seems that the umpteenth farce of Lega and Italia Viva has been consummated on the reform of the CSM. Yes, because after flexing his muscles, rejecting the minister’s request Marta Cartabia to find a solution and foreshadowing a definitive tear, in the end the calm returned and the text will be voted on today by the Hall of Palazzo Madama.


A situation of relative tranquility that only 24 hours ago did not seem even remotely plausible given that the two Matteo, as in a poker game, seemed determined to go all the way. But it was a bluff because, evidently, no one really wanted to jeopardize the government’s strength.

The reform of the CSM arrives in the Senate

Italia Viva was the first to back down and, late at night, withdrew all the amendments. But what might have seemed like a hasty turnaround of Matteo Renzi & Co, with skill has been passed off as a move made for Italy and for the Italians.

“There is a need to close quickly and then proceed with the election of the next CSM. For this reason Italia Viva, with a very high sense of responsibility and out of respect for President Draghi and the requests of President Mattarella, has decided to withdraw its amendments to the Cartabia reform on Justice “, explained group leader Iv in the Senate Justice Committee, Giuseppa Cucca.

This “does not mean approval of the content of the reform. For our part, all the perplexities remain and we do not believe it will be possible to give a favorable vote “insists Cucca, speaking to the Gr Leopoldaand then heralds a new battle given that “the withdrawal of the amendments will not prevent us from asking for all the changes that will be necessary in order for this reform to really produce the effects that everyone hoped for but that few have pursued”.

The position of the Carroccio

On the other hand, the choice of the Lega was different, which in the Commission did not withdraw its amendments, well aware that these would not have passed due to Forza Italia which had already withdrawn its amendments and also made it known that it would have voted against those still standing. “By institutional sense”.

So Matteo Salvini & Co were able to play the part of the hard and pure, insisting on their requests and making a noise to gather some consensus. The Captain, after the rejection of the Carroccio amendments, kept the point and explained that “if there are numbers in Parliament (the reform, ed) it will be approved. We have proposed amendments in line with referendum questions. If other parties want politicized justice they will vote against our amendments ”. In short, a lot of ado about nothing.

Majority in fibrillation

However, reading between the lines, it cannot be said with certainty that the casus belli on Justice has been completely defused. Of course it seems difficult to believe that, after so many flops, the two parties decide to pull the plug on the government precisely on the reform of the CSM but you never know. Moreover, in these hours the two parties are making political calculations and evaluating strategies to understand how to move in view of the vote on the reform.

Insisting on proposing amendments already rejected in the Commission, and on points that literally split the majority in two, could only have repercussions on the Executive itself. At least this is the fear evoked by the secretary of the Democratic Party, Enrico Lettain view of today’s vote in the Senate on the Cartabia reform.

“I am struck by the fact that the League’s reaction to a referendum that it wanted and lost is that of continuing to make reform in Parliament impossible,” explained the dem a On Tuesday on La7. For this reason, concludes the secretary Letta, “I say to the Prime Minister Mario Draghi and to the government that if it continues like this, the only way to bring the reform home will be to put trust in the Senate and then again in the House ”.

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