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Other than electoral exploit. The boom of Carlo Calenda which we read about in many newspapers is a fiction, as evidenced by the results of its candidates in the municipalities. Yet there are those who pump the former minister, to armor Draghi and push Letta to give up the 5 Stars.


The boom of Carlo Calenda which we read about in many newspapers is a fiction

Calenda rejoices, the newspapers praise him, the liberals invoke him as an ally of the Democratic Party and in the meantime we are witnessing a striking case of perceived victory. “We have a statement that goes from 10 to 25% considering L’Aquila, Palermo, Catanzaro and Parma”, Calenda repeats in all the interviews, projecting the usual moderate pole that in all elections aspires to be the scales in the meaning andreottiana of the term. That’s it? No not at all.

We know how fallacious it is to observe the national political plan through the lens of administrative elections but reselling a victory that does not exist is a lie that deserves to be dismantled. The national results per list (published by Youtrend) certify that Action together with + Europe collects 0.4% in municipalities over 15 thousand inhabitants.

The Democratic Party, to understand, collects 17.2%, the Greens / Left 2.5%, 2.1% the M5S while Italia Viva is nailed to 0.1%. Even evaluating the cities mentioned by Calenda it is easy to unmask the lie: in L’Aquila the candidate supported by Action (Americo Di Benedetto) took 23.8% of the votes but is supported by three lists. Calenda’s list is the one that collected the worst result of the three, 4.8%.

And in Palermo? The “great success” in the Sicilian capital is of Fabrizio Ferrandelli, who despite his 42 years has managed to pass from the Humanist Movement, to the Orlando Network, then to Italia dei Valori, to the Democratic Party and now to + Europe. The symbol of Action, Calenda’s party, has not been seen in Palermo. The same goes for Parma and Catanzaro where the “civic” candidates supported by Calenda finished third and the symbol of the party is nowhere.

How Calenda did to extrapolate those percentages is a mystery, the typical mystery of the experts of our house who chat with complacent newspapers unable to ask the right questions.

The Action / + Europe list, where it was presented with the symbol, achieved results that were anything but enormous: L’Aquila 4.80%, Palermo 8.1%, Acri (CS) 3.0%, Acerra (NA) 4.19%, Pozzuoli ( NA) 2.22%, Capua (CE) 4.64%, Sabaudia (LT) 4.22%, Alessandria 5.67%, San Donato Milanese (MI) 2.98%, Monza 2.16%, Sant’Elpidio a Mare (FM) 1.39%, Molfetta (BA ) 3.44%, San Teramo in Colle (BA) 3.60%, Todi (PG) 4.04%, Mira (VE) 3.07%, La Spezia 0.98%, Gorizia 2.75%, Verona 1.05%, Asti: 1.21%, Piacenza 1.56 %, Borgomanero (NO) 5.95%, Pozzallo (RG) 2.41%.

Do you see a triumph? The result is exactly in line with the polls, it is confirmed that Calenda’s remains (certainly better than his colleague Matteo Renzi) a personalistic party. It remains to be seen why some scoff at describing these numbers as fundamental to the Democratic Party. But even in this case the answer is simple: normalize and blunt, in the name of Draghi.

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