(ANSA) – TURIN, 15 JUN – Casa Gramsci is born, a space for social use to commemorate the figure of Antonio Gramsci, who lived his youth in these streets, writing about it in the socialist newspapers of the time. Casa Gramsci is offered to the community of Turin as an opportunity to relive Gramscian thought, rediscover it, reread it.

A first inaugural appointment, curated by Nh Collection Torino Piazza Carlina and the Antonio Gramsci Piedmontese Institute Foundation and with the participation of Lunetta 11, will be dedicated to the public opening of the site-specific work Casa Gramsci dedicated to the figure of Gramsci of the artist Chilean Alfredo Jaar. The work that Jaar has conceived is a red room: floor, ceiling, walls bring us back to the color that was so important for Gramsci and for all anti-fascists. A large black table in the center of the room welcomes a selection of books and magazines from the Antonio Gramsci Piedmontese Institute Foundation, it is an evocative space in which the books that have been his best companions become the protagonists. On the back wall a constantly lit neon lights up the name of Antonio Gramsci. It is a place that will become an exchange of ideas, of information, just like the man to whom it was dedicated.

“It is a space of thought, full of books. Antonio Gramsci spent most of his life in prison and books were his only contact with the world. His vision of the world was clear, precise, profound and illuminating, even from the dark of his cell. A neon in the window poetically asks the thinker to return from his grave. It is a desperate attempt to bring his vision and his voice back to our present, to our times, “explains Jaar.

Casa Gramsci will be open to the public on Thursday 16, Friday 17, Wednesday 22 and Thursday 23 June, again from 4 to 7 pm. (ANSA).