Allowing the “partial cumulation” between work and citizenship income. The proposal is sponsored by the Northern League minister Garavaglia and is on the table of Minister Orlando. And it was suggested at the time by the Saracen committee. Domenico De Masi, one of the most accredited sociologists of Labor, do you agree?
“I agree. When we talk about citizenship income we are talking about crumbs to people who mostly – three million out of five – are unable to work. For those – about a million – who are employable, if you cut the check because you have found a job, there are two ways: either you cut it marginally or you are induced to work illegally. The question of work needs to be clarified. Among the recipients of the subsidy we are not talking about Bocconians but of homeless people, of people who do not even have the fifth grade, who have not worked for years. An audience to which the concept of the classic unemployed cannot be applied. Here we are in the presence for most of cases of workers for whom finding a job is very complicated. And despite this, 370 thousand of those who can be employed have found work in recent years “.


The latest Istat data on work speak of a boom in fixed-term contracts, and among these those on call or intermittent ones.
“This is a deadly trend. Before, there was a steady job and a secure retirement prospect. Today the proliferation of futures contracts. And even the state has succumbed to this temptation. Minister Brunetta is hiring at three years. This bad habit is not understood. Maybe in three years the state will close? Now we have reached weeks contracts. How does a young person make a life plan, take out a mortgage, have children? Precariousness is a dogma of neoliberal economic theory that is now winning everywhere and that is based on the fear of losing their jobs by millions of people. Now the president or CEO of a bank is also precarious. But for those who earn a lot there are no problems. On the other hand, putting millions of people in despair can lead to an explosive situation ”.

How can precariousness be fought?
“First of all by reducing working hours. Is it possible that we work 1,800 hours a year while in Germany only 1,400? By working harder, we prevent those who are not employed from working. Now then came artificial intelligence and computer science. Long hours, low wages: I am amazed that there is still no less weak reaction than the current one. These masses of poor – there are 12 million, of which 5 absolute and 7 relative – are ignored by all who deal with the middle and upper bourgeoisie. Calenda, Renzi, Meloni, Salvini: they all think of the middle class. Nobody cares about the proletariat. The 5Stelle dealt with it with the DRC and then they forgot about it “.

And the minimum wage: will there ever be in Italy?
“It is absurd that we are among the very few countries in Europe that do not yet have it. The M5S has set a minimum hourly wage threshold of 9 euros gross. This does not mean that you cannot pay a worker more than 9 euros gross but it does mean that that is a threshold of dignity below which you cannot go. There are rural workers who harvest tomatoes for three euros an hour for 13 hours a day. It is not admissible. This is called slavery. Instead, we must understand that if more money goes into the economy, the economy grows for everyone. It is not only a question of altruism but also of selfishness. And then this would reduce the inequalities that have reached inconceivable levels “.

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