All 14 accused of the trial on the gold consultancy vein to the former Banca Etruria have all been acquitted, because the fact does not exist. The sentence was pronounced by the judge of Arezzo Ada Grignani. At the court the prosecutor Angela Masiello had asked for the maximum sentence (1 year) for Pierluigi Boschi, father of the former minister Maria Elena and former vice president of Etruria, and three other managers, namely Luciano Nataloni, Claudia Bugno and Luigi Nannipieri. For the other defendants, sentences ranging from 8 to 10 months were sought. But the verdict is acquittal with full formula.

The defendants were accused of culpable bankruptcy for a series of consultations commissioned by the former Banca Etruria to study the hypothesis of a merger with another credit institution, which was identified in the Banca Popolare di Vicenza, but then the operation did not go through. According to the accusation, the consultancies also aggravated the accounts of Banca Etruria and resulted in a complementary trend to the ‘general’ one for fraudulent bankruptcy dedicated to the collapse of the Aretine credit institution. The prosecutor Roberto Rossi, who coordinates the investigative pool of the Arezzo prosecutor’s office on Banca Etruria, declared after reading the sentence: “We await the reasons then we will evaluate whether to appeal”. In addition to the request for a sentence of 1 year for Boschi senior, Luciano Nataloni, Claudia Bugno and Luigi Nannipieri, the prosecutor had also asked for sentences of 8 months for Daniele Cabiati, Carlo Catanossi, Emanuele Cuccaro (former vice president) on whom a charge was pending ; 9 months for Alessandro Benocci, Claudia Bonollo, Anna Nocentini Lapini, Giovanni Grazzini, Alessandro Liberatori and Ilaria Tosti (two counts of indictment for them); 10 months for Claudio Salini (for three counts).

“Today I cried. I swore to myself that I would never cry for Banca Etruria. Today I did. And I’m not afraid to admit it in public. I cried like a child, in the office, in the Chamber. I cried because my father was acquitted of the latest accusation against Banca Etruria. With today, a seven-year long ordeal ends. And it closes in the only way possible: with the certainty that my father was innocent. “He writes it in a post on Facebook Maria Elena Boschi, president of the deputies of Italia Viva, commenting on the acquittal of his father Pier Luigi. “Judicial truth does not change anything for me: I have always known that my father was attacked in the media and not just to hit others. But today the judicial truth establishes what I have always known in my heart: my father is innocent. And now – he adds – everyone knows it, not only his family. The Italian people know it, in whose name the sentence was pronounced. The institutions of this country know that I served with dignity and honor. Political opponents know it. who asked me to resign for crimes that my father did not do. The talks that have made entire broadcasts against me and us and that will not dedicate space to this story know this. The haters who have often violently insulted me know this. verbal and sexist phrases in the complicit and embarrassed silence of many “. “This story – he underlines – has marked my life and my career much more than one might think: but today’s tears are tears of joy and hope. So that no one has to suffer what my family has suffered. I will fight for a just justice. And I thank those many magistrates who in every corner of the country make law prevail over injustice. Thanks to those who were close to me. I love you father. “

“Today many political opponents, guests of talks, haters should line up and say one thing: sorry. They won’t. But what is becoming clearer is that we weren’t the monsters. A hug to the whole Boschi family. “Thus a tweet from the leader of Iv Matteo Renzi.