Mask on public transport, until when will there be the obligation? The government is planning to extend the measure until 30 September.

Mask on public transport until: hypothesis extension until September 30 to be examined by the Government

Mask on public transport until: the proposal presented to the CDM

On Wednesday 15 June, the cabinet will officially decide whether to extend the use of masks on means of transport such as buses, subways, trains, airplanes or ships until September 30th. The obligation for cinemas, sports halls and theaters, on the other hand, should be officially revoked.

Similar information was anticipated by the Undersecretary of Health, Andrea Costaduring his speech a Tg1 Morning. In this circumstance, the Undersecretary for Health also specified that there is no doubt about the fact that “we are faced with a new step towards normality“.

In addition to public transport, the obligation to wear a mask should also be confirmed for Rsa that welcome the elderly and frail people.

Costa also declared: “A further important signal was that of allow the state examination of the eighth grade and of the maturity without protection of the airways“.

In this regard, the decision to abolish the obligation for the 2022 State Exams arose during a meeting between the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza and the Minister of Education Patrizio Bianchi.

TO Tg1 Morningagain, Undersecretary Costa explained that the revocation of the anti-Covid mask in almost all places except presumably the means of transport represents a “proof of confidence“Towards the citizens who now” are certainly more aware given that for two and a half years they have continuously adhered to all the rules and restrictions imposed and have responsibly adhered to the vaccination campaign“.

Hypothesis extension until 30 September to be examined by the Government

The cabinet during which the future of the obligation of the mask on public transport will be decided was convened at 11:30 on Wednesday 15 June.

As far as we know, the rule relating to the extension of the obligation of the personal protective equipment until 30 September 2022 has been included in the draft of the transport decreeobject of consultation of the Cdm.

To the extent being discussed, as already mentioned, the extension of the use of the mask in the health facilities while the obligation was lifted in educational establishments compared to the first and second grade secondary school exams.

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