Food stamp strike today: why are bars, restaurants and supermarkets not accepting workers’ tickets?

Meal vouchers strike today: because supermarkets, bars and restaurants are not accepting tickets

Food stamp strike today: the reasons for the protest

On Wednesday 15 June, supermarkets, bars and restaurants will not accept meal vouchers as a day of suspension was announced by the members of ANCD-Conad, ANCC-Coop, FIEPeT Confesercenti, Federdistribuzione, FIDA and FIPE-Confcommercio.

In this regard, the president of Federdistribuzione, Alberto Frausinsaid: “We did numerous public appeals on the need to radically reform the system of meal vouchers, but there was no response“.

For exhibitors, the Italian Government must provide for the revision of some rules. Frausin, in fact, explained: “In view of the imminent Consip tenderwhich will be worth around 1.2 billion euros, we ask the executive to overcoming a system that imposes unfair commissions, the highest in Europe, which come close to 20 percent of the face value of the meal voucher. All that weighs heavily on our businesses“.

The meal vouchers system is managed by State which, taking advantage of its concessionaire relating to Consip purchases, sometimes accepts discounts by the companies in charge of issuing tickets on bills of billions of euros citing the excuse of ancillary services. At the same time, private companies aim to include in their portfolio important customers such as the Public Administration. In such a context, it is the operators who find themselves in difficulty who, when they receive the meal vouchers for an amount equal to about 6 euros given to employees by their respective employers, discover that the nominal value of tickets is 10% lower than expected. For this reason, in order not to lose customers, the merchants work below cost and they have to wait about four months before the ticket can be collected.

Why supermarkets, bars and restaurants are not accepting tickets: the request of the merchants

Regarding the strike of the meal vouchers today, he also expressed himself Aldo Mario Cursanovice president of Fipe-Confcommercio, who declared: “We want to sensitize consumers to the very serious difficulties that our businesses experience every day due to the high commissions we have to pay on meal vouchers. This way we want safeguard the function of the meal voucher: if we go on like this, fewer and fewer companies will be willing to accept them e risks becoming unusable“.

In Italy, the phenomenon of meal vouchers is more and more extended. More than 516 million meal vouchers from around 3 million workers giving rise to a turnover of 3.2 billion euros.

The commercial establishments affiliated with at least one catering ticket dispenser, on the other hand, are 150 thousand and the income from the use of meal vouchers for bars, restaurants and supermarkets is equal to 40% of revenues.

Therefore, the request addressed by the exhibitors to the Government and in particular to the Minister of the Economy Daniele Franco and to Consip consists in soliciting a reduction in commissions. If not, the protest inaugurated on June 15 will not represent a unicum.

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