(ANSA) – ROME, June 15 – The Planet Earth Festival is coming to Lucca, directed by Stefano Mancuso, designed and organized by the Laterza Publishers and promoted by the Cassa di Risparmio di Lucca Foundation. The new exhibition, presented on June 15, will take place from Thursday 6 to Sunday 9 October, in some of the most evocative buildings of the city such as the Church of San Francesco, Palazzo Ducale, The Botanical Garden.

Over 50 appointments scheduled in 4 days in which we will talk about ecosystems, biodiversity, green finance, geopolitics of energy, agriculture and food, urban development, resources, sustainable mobility within and in the comparison of new political, social, philosophical visions , artistic.

Among the many protagonists: Raj Patel, economist, activist and scholar of food policies; Esther Duflo, Nobel Prize in Economics; Riccardo Valentini expert in forest ecology and member of Ipcc (Intergovernmental Group on Climate Change); Carlo Carraro, environmental economist, former President of the European Association of Environmental and Resource Economists; Valeria Termini, expert in European and international energy policy; Barbara Mazzolai who directs the Micro-Biorobotics Center of the Italian Institute of Technology; Simonetta Cheli, director of the Earth Observation Programs of the European Space Agency (ESA); Roberto Danovaro, marine biologist and president of the Anton Dohrn Zoological Station. And many other guests from Andrea Segrè to Carlin Petrini, from Mario Tozzi to Michele Serra, from Paolo Cognetti to Melania Mazzucco, from Vittorio Lingiardi to Roberto Battiston.

During the four days of the festival which aims to be “a revolution for sustainability” we will discuss the impact of man on the planet, the damage that the human species continues to produce, but also on possible strategies to safeguard the Earth and to become more aware citizens. The Planet Earth project aims to contribute to the creation of individual critical thinking and a responsible and informed public opinion regarding the environment.

The event is made possible thanks to the choral participation of the many cultural, institutional and entrepreneurial realities of the area: the Lucchese Music Association, the Talea Association, the Giuseppe Pera Foundation, Lucca Biennale Cartasia, Lucca Comics & Games, Lucca Film Festival, Lucense , Lucca Botanical Garden, Photolux Festival, Zero Waste Research Center and others that may be added. (HANDLE).