Po drought: this is what is causing the lack of rain for the river but above all for the fields and the neighboring municipalities. Concerns and possible solutions.

Po drought, what happens and what has been requested for 125 municipalities?

Po drought, what happens

In the Po there is a drought crisis: the alarm went off in recent days due, in particular, to the lack of rain. “These values ​​have not been seen for about 70 yearswere the words that came directly from the Observatory on water uses that are making us reflect but at the same time worry.

Plus, this drought “Is causing serious concerns for agricultural producers and the consequent risk on food availability“: Was the denunciation of the regional Coldiretti, which through its president Ettore Prandini we are already talking about major damage “for over a billion following the decline in agricultural production “.

What was requested for 125 municipalities?

TO The Republic, Meuccio Berselligeneral secretary of the Basin Authority (AdBPo), clarified even more the seriousness and stressed that probably the Comueni will be asked to act in co-responsibility because, Berselli underlines “We have two other very important factors. The temperature is 2-3 degrees higher, in some places even four degrees, compared to the average for the period. And the snow resource is completely missing, therefore the warehouse and storage in the mountains “ of water.

The consequence of all this is that “We have areas that can run out of water. Then you have to trigger a spirit of subsidiarity between the territories, for which water withdrawals must be controlled, must be verified, and we must bring water to everyone. Otherwise we must immediately intervene with the Civil Protection. The situation is really very delicate “.

Thus Utilitalia, representing the multi-utilities of the integrated water service, asked the statutory auditors to 100 Piedmontese and 25 Lombard municipalities to implement night suspensions to raise the levels of the tanks, issuing ordinances aimed at a essential use of water.

Another ideaaccording to the farmers’ association, it could be the creation of a network of small reservoirs “With low impact on the landscape and widespread throughout the territory, favoring the completion and recovery of existing structures”. The project, adds Coldiretti, “Is to create ponds, without the use of cement and in balance with the territories, to conserve water and distribute it when it is needed by citizens, industry and agriculture, with an important impact on the environment and employment”.

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