Prison does not stop the Ciarelli clan. In Latina, the bosses manage extortion and violence from behind bars. It seems incredible but the extortion requests continued from prison against entrepreneurs, traders, ordinary citizens, using various social networks: this is what was reconstructed by the Dda of Rome which delegating the investigations to the Latina State Police ordered the execution of ordinances of precautionary custody against suspects considered in various ways seriously suspected of the crimes of extortion, fraud, private violence, damage and injury, crimes aggravated by the mafia method and the purpose of mafia facilitation.


The investigations conducted by the Latina Mobile Squad concern the illicit activities carried out by the members of the Ciarelli family who in 2010, during the years of the so-called Pontina Criminal War, would become the protagonist, together with the Di Silvio family, of murders and attempted murders, which determined the affirmation in the Pontine territory of family clans of Roma origins characterized by the ability to implement a power of intimidation typical of mafia organizations.

Prison does not stop the Ciarelli clan

Also highlighted how the detention state did not weaken the intimidating capacity of the Ciarelli family, which would have continued until last year, to formulate extortion requests against entrepreneurs, traders, ordinary citizens, some of whom offended in the Caronte trial, using the social network Facebook, through the “Puro Sangue Ciarelli” account, to reach people who are in the Pontine area.

Investigators found that members of the Ciarelli family currently manage a form of protection for prisoners in prison, demanding for this service the payment of a sum of money that insures the victims from violence, threats and retaliation.

The capacity of intimidation that the clan has still emerged today, in the city of Latina through criminal actions that the young scions of the family, using the name of the association and its top members, would have put in place until last summer in the so-called area. nightlife, in the historic center of Latina and in some bathing establishments on the seafront of Terracina, where security officers were physically attacked, for having prevented access to the place or the free consumption of food or drinks.

It was then clarified that some members of the Ciarelli family would have arbitrarily occupied a property owned by a lawyer from Latina, without paying any rent payment over time, but instead transforming the apartment into the logistical base of a small drug dealer. of cocaine that was carried out to support detained family members.

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