Refugees to Rwanda from the UKthe first flight failed: the European Court of Human Rights suspended the take-off of the aircraft shortly before its departure.

Refugees in Rwanda from the United Kingdom, the first flight failed: because the Court of Human Rights has intervened

Refugees to Rwanda from the UK, the first flight failed

There European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) blocked a plane departing from the United Kingdom and bound for Rwanda shortly before take-off. The aircraft had to transport a group of asylum seekersaccording to a project promoted some time ago by the government chaired by Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

The British Prime Minister, in fact, has announced that he wants to “relocate” refugees arriving in the country to Rwanda. Johnson’s initiate, however, was promptly blocked by the ECHR and it has always been contested by humanitarian organizations who have always rejected the English plan.

The legal victory won just before the flight could take off important consequences in the immediate future. Meanwhile, it was specified that the flight was only “suspended” and not canceled. Furthermore, the stop decided by Strasbourg was communicated while the group of migrants made up in total of seven people of different nationalities he was already aboard the Boeing. The aircraft was about to take off from one Boscombe military base, located near Salisbury. The take-off was scheduled for 10:30 pm local time.

Because the Court of Human Rights has intervened

At first, a few hours before departure, the ECHR had rejected the appeal of some asylum seekers. Shortly thereafter, however, the Strasbourg Court changed its opinion upholding the appeal of a 54-year-old Iraqi citizen. The man reported that he had asked for political asylum in London but had been directed to Rwanda. A medical commission then confirmed that the subject in question had suffered torture at homebefore arriving in the UK on 17 May 2022.

Regarding the suspension of the flight, the English Minister of the Interior expressed himself, Priti Patel. Quoted from BBCMinister Patel said: “The our legal team is reviewing every decision made on this flight and the preparation for the next flight begins now. It is surprising that the European Court intervened despite the repeated successes previously obtained in national courts – and added -. I’ve always said this policy will not be easy to implement and I am disappointed that legal appeals and last-minute requests have prevented today’s flight from leaving ”.

The agreement to transfer refugees to Rwanda from the United Kingdom was signed by Boris Johnson on April 14, 2022. The deal was commented by the British Prime Minister as follows: “Rwanda is one of the safest and most dynamic countries in Africa“.

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