Salvare i fondi del Pnrr dall’assalto dei boss, il governo rafforza il tracciamento antimafia

Save PNRR funds from boss assault. This is the imperative of the government which has strengthened the anti-mafia tracking of investments related to the National Recovery and Resilience Plan. The Ministry of the Interior sent a circular to the Prefectures recalling the prevention strategy at the central level of the Permanent Body for analysis and monitoring on the risk of infiltration into the economy by organized crime of the mafia type, set up at the central management of the Criminal Police of the Public Security Department.

To save PNRR funds from boss assault, government strengthens anti-mafia tracking

The document confirms the centrality of the Single National Database of Anti-Mafia Documentation (BDNA) to ensure adequate protection of the Pnrr investments from criminal attacks: it is a tool that, with its continuous updating, allows to “acquire a mapping of the operators economic activities involved in the implementation cycle of the interventions included in the perimeter of the PNRR “.

The tracing will allow to monitor the possible adoption of measures against the economic operators involved in the implementation of the interventions for which elements on an infiltrative risk have emerged, without however excluding the use of those measures of a conservative nature introduced more recently, such as the measure of collaborative prevention pursuant to art. 94-bis of the Anti-Mafia Code, an alternative to the immediate disqualification of the economic operator.

Measures to save PNRR funds from boss assault

The application of the ad contractum commissioning tool may also be assessed, if the indicative elements are of such importance that they have already led to the adoption of disqualifying information. Finally, the circular clarifies that, in cases in which the interventions of the NRP are included in the specific planning and programming tools provided for by the Code of public contracts, the anti-mafia prevention model defined by the guidelines adopted by the Coordination Committee for the ” High Surveillance of Infrastructures and Priority Settlements.

“We simplify the procedures, we improve the system to combat infiltration, we strengthen controls. We expand the tools available to prefects, such as collaborative prevention, without creating new obstacles for businesses “, said the Prime Minister Mario Draghi from the Giorgio Gaber Auditorium of the Pirelli Skyscraper during his speech, Wednesday 25 May, at the conference “The role of finance in the fight against the mafia” for the thirtieth anniversary of the Anti-Mafia Investigation Department.

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