Sorry if I exist is a film by Riccardo Milani that opens its doors to social and discriminatory issues. In the center, a degraded neighborhood on the outskirts of Rome and a story of how difficult it is to assert itself in the world of work for a woman.

Sorry if I exist: plot, true story, cast and where the film was shot

Sorry if I exist: plot and true story

Sorry if I hesitate is a film by Riccardo Milani with main protagonists Raoul Bova and Paola Cortellesi. Released in theaters on November 20, 2014, the film was a success with the public and also by critics. In fact, Paola Cortellesi obtained the nomination for the David di Donatello and the Nastri d’Argento as “Best Actress in a Leading Role” without winning the statuettes.

The film tells the story of Serena (Paola Cortellesi), an established architect in London, who decides to return to Italy. The desire to return and establish herself in Italy prevails in her. She deludes herself into finding a job based on her skills and training. You will have to face many problems to be able to enter the world of work.

Serena arranges herself as best she can between the furnishing of bedrooms, the design of funeral chapels and a luxury restaurant, where she finds a place as a waitress. Here, she gets to know her employer Francesco (Raoul Bova) better and better, gay and divorced, with whom she immediately forms a deep friendship. Thanks to his presence, Serena invents an extreme plan to be able to be respected in the world of work. So she decides to use Francesco to obtain a redevelopment project in the Corviale district.

The film is based on the true story of the architect Guendalina Salimei and through her the reality of “Green kilometer”, a redevelopment project for this popular residential complex on the outskirts of Rome. The project remained unfinished and the film opens the doors to this reality as well as the difficulties and prejudices of the world of work in Italy on women.

Sorry if I exist: cast

Even if the characters played by Raoul Bova and Paola Cortellesi prevail in the film, there is a choral cast that enriches the story. Here are the actors with their respective characters:

  • Paola Cortellesi: Serena Bruno
  • Raoul Bova: Francesco
  • Corrado Fortuna: Pietro
  • Savino bezel: Michela
  • Marco Bocci: Nicola
  • Ennio Fantastichini: Dr. Ripamonti
  • Cesare Bocci: Volponi
  • Stefania Rocca: Maria
  • Federica De Cola: Martina
  • Beatrice Vendramin: Monica
  • Simon Grechi: Marco
  • Antonio D’Ausilio: Employee fake Juventus fan
  • Filomena Macro: Aunt Clementina (Serena’s aunt)
  • Franca Di Cicco: Serena’s mother
  • Valeria Flore: Waitress

Where the film was shot

The shooting of the film took place in Rome, in particular in Corviale district, but also in Anversa degli Abruzzi and Pescasseroli, in the province of L’Aquila. The Corviale district, known as “il Serpentone” due to its length, is a residential complex in Rome, located on the south-western outskirts of the capital (XI municipality). Due to its large size and the difficult living conditions of its inhabitants, it has become the neighborhood-symbol of the degradation of the suburbs of the capital.

The complex hosts about 4500 inhabitants and is divided into three buildings: the main “stick”, a single body 986 meters long and nine floors; a second lower body, parallel to the first, of three or five floors; and a third body oriented at 45 degrees with respect to the first two.

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