Who is Martina Pattithe woman from Mascalucia who confessed to stabbing her four-year-old daughter Elena in Catania.

Who is Martina Patti, the woman from Mascalucia who killed her daughter Elena in Catania

Martina Patti, who is the woman from Mascalucia who killed her daughter Elena in Catania

Elena Del Pozzo was killed by her mother Martina Patti, 23 years. The woman confessed to the murder during the second interrogation which took place in the Prosecutor’s Office after the finding of the body of the little girl of just four years in the countryside of Mascalucia, in Catania.

During the interrogation, the 23-year-old admitted to murdering her daughter but did not say a word about it motive that pushed her to make the atrocious gesture.

Meanwhile, investigators are investigating in order to reconstruct the family dynamics which could be at the basis of the murder. In consideration of the information collected so far, little Elena was born from the relationship that Martina Patti had with her partner at the time of her, Alessandro Del Pozzi. At the time of the baby’s birth, the woman was only 18 years old.

The relationship between Patti and Del Pozzo, however, was concluded shortly after giving birth as the 23-year-old had decided to start a relationship with another person. Following the separation, Elena’s father first moved to Germany to then return to Sicily where he met his current partner.

Hypothesis jealousy towards the new partner of little Elena’s father

With the return of the former teammate, relations between Martina Patti and Alessandro Del Pozzo were made more and more tense. The 23-year-old, enrolled in the Faculty of Nursing Sciences of Catania and resident in the Sicilian municipality of Mascalucia, in particular, frequently discussed with the father of her daughter, especially about the arrangements made to allow the girl to spend time with the man.

In relation to the motive for the murder, the woman has not yet provided any explanation but the investigators are convinced that it can be linked to the jealousy.

It seems, in fact, that Alessandro Del Pozzo’s new relationship sparked the jealousy of Patti who, at first, tried to blame ex-partner for the murder. According to what is learned, the jealousy was due to the fear that little Elena would become fond of her father’s new girlfriend. The murder then took place the day after the girl had spent the day with the paternal grandparents, the father and the new partnershowing himself too happy in the eyes of his mother on his return to the house of Mascalucia.

Finally, according to reports from the paternal grandparents, it would seem that the 23-year-old was accustomed to beating her daughtereven in their presence.

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