(ANSA) – BUENOS AIRES, JUN 16 – Loads of history, very popular 100 years ago as well as today, dozens of bars and cafes in Buenos Aires have made a place for themselves in the culture and history of the city for their architecture and for being were meeting places for discussion not only of ordinary people, but also of scholars, writers, journalists and celebrities.

It is for this reason that the government of the capital has decided to award 75 of them, recognizing them as cultural heritage and thanking them for the efforts made during the pandemic to stay open, in a ceremony celebrated in the golden hall of the La Prensa building, on Avenida de Mayo.

Among the coffees that have obtained the recognition there are some that need no introduction, such as the oldest of them, Tortoni, founded in 1858, frequented by Luigi Pirandello and Garcia Lorca; la Biela, at the Recoleta, which has a table on display at which Jorge Luis Borges and Adolfo Bioy Casares are still seated today; Le Caravelle, the only one in the city where an espresso can be sipped standing up, as is done in Rome or Milan.

The list is endless, and includes evocative names such as El Colonial, El Federal, Británico, Los Angelitos, Confitería La ideal (a traditional tango temple that is completing a restoration), El Gato negro / Don Vitoriano with its exotic resale of coffee and spices, the Florida Garden, Las Violetas, Los 36 billares and Los galgos, the Minister of Culture of the city, Enrique Avogadro, underlined that “these bars are essential references of the history and cultural and social activity of each of the neighborhoods of the capital”. We want, he added that “this experience does not go unnoticed and, on the contrary, we work for the development of new stimuli so that the wheel does not stop turning”.

For his part, Pablo Durán, councilor of the Association that brings together the relevant bars and cafes in Buenos Aires, said that “our businesses are the smokeless fireplaces of the city, they constitute its very life. Many stories take shape around their tables. : they are the day that begins when the shutters are raised and they are nothing but our identity, the undisputed heritage of our city “. (HANDLE).