The Extinction Rebellion activists block the Gra in Rome to protest against the use of gas and coal. The initiative sent traffic haywire, sparking the anger of motorists.

Extinction Rebellion activists block the Gra, traffic haywire: the reasons for the protest

Extinction Rebellion activists block the GRA, traffic haywire

On the morning of Thursday 16 June, the activists of Extinction Rebellion became the protagonists of a new action a support for the environment. To implement their protest, the activists blocked a carriageway of the Grande Raccordo Anulare for challenge the use of gas and coal. The occupation of the Gra sent in tilt the traffic with the protesters sitting in the middle of the roadway holding up one banner.

The initiative sparked the anger of the motorists they have tugged and dragged some environmentalists onto the asphalt in an attempt to make their way and reach their destination. In this context one woman aboard a car, he first shouted at other motorists to “not use violence” and then inveighed against the activists: “You have the right to protest but I have the right to go to work to feed my children “.

To the woman, one of the demonstrators replied: “We know madam, but it will be a disaster“.

End of the protest: the intervention of the Police, Carabinieri and Digos

The demonstration was organized by six people who exhibited banners bearing the written “NoGasNoCarbone”.

As happened in the past, Extinction Rebellion activists occupied the roadway at the entrance to the GRA, sitting on the asphalt and creating inconvenience to motorists.

On the spot, the police officers who cleared the road and removed the banners in order to create a passage through which motorists could pass.

Together with Policethe Carabinieri and the Digos. After ending the protest, the police have took the demonstrators to the police station and have providedidentification.

As far as we know, a another group of activists which, however, it was blocked by the military before starting the disputes. In this regard, it was reported: “This suggests that Latest Generation is under close scrutiny and that the police are starting to take serious precautions to prevent non-violent actions ”.

Extinction Rebellion activists block the GRA: the reasons for the protest and the requests to the Govenro

As for Extinction Rebellion, however, the activists they explained: “The requests of the Last Generation to the Government are two, unchanged since the beginning of the year when the movement started its campaign – and they specified -. There first is to immediately stop the reopening of disused coal plants and cancel the project of new drilling for the research and extraction of natural gas. The second, however, is proceed with an increase in solar and wind energy of at least 20GW in the current year and create thousands of new jobs in renewable energy by helping fossil industry workers to find employment in more sustainable jobs ”.

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