Fire at the Malagrotta landfill in Rome: the firefighters reported that the total extinguishing of the fire could last a few days. Meanwhile, dioxin and waste chaos in the capital are alarming.

Fire at the Malagrotta landfill, the shutdown could last days: it is dioxin alarm and waste chaos

Fire at the Malagrotta landfill, the shutdown could last days

On the evening of Wednesday 15 June, the presence of a devastating fire at the Malagrotta landfill, in Rome. On the spot, some sfire brigade teams who worked non-stop all night in order to succeed in confine the flames and prevent the stake from spreading to other structures as well. The more than sixty firefighters who went to the site managed to prevent the flames from spreading outside the site but it was reported that it will take a few days to definitively extinguish the fire at the former Roman landfill.

Based on the information released so far, the fire at the Malagrotta landfill has affected two warehouses for the storage and treatment of waste.

The alarm was given by plant operators while the citizens’ committee of the Galeria Valley posted a message on Facebook to emphasize the dioxin danger caused by the event. In particular, the message states the following: “In addition to the dioxin risk released into the air, there are i adjacent gas and petrol depots who have been alerted. They were stored inside the shed waste. Firefighters say to close the windows or move away from those who are about a kilometer away “.

At the moment, the causes of the stake that also affected a gasifier that has not been used for years I am in assessment phase.

Mayor of Rome, Gualtieri: “At work to relocate the qualities treated by the damaged plant as soon as possible”

Regarding the fire at the Malagrotta landfill, the mayor of Rome expressed himself, Roberto Gualtieri. The mayor, noting that the flames also affected the Tmb2 which treats about 900 tons of waste a day, declared: “The fire of the Tmb is not only a serious accident, but constitutes ansignificant year for the waste collection and disposal system in Rome, on which it will have immediate immediate consequences. We are already at work to relocate the quantities treated by the damaged plant as soon as possible and direct them to other treatment plants and subsequent outlets “.

Dioxin risk and waste chaos: the order signed after the fire at the Malagrotta landfill

Following the news relating to the fire, the mayor signed aorder with which the Municipality of Rome has established the suspension of school activities and public and private summer camps, the prohibition of grazing and scratching of farmyard animals, the prohibition of consumption of food of vegetable and animal origin from the area affected by the ‘fire and the ban on the use of fodder and cereals for animals that have been collected in the Malagrotta area. The announced measures are in effect “for a period not exceeding 48 hoursby virtue of the precautionary principle “and are valid within one radius of 6 kilometers than the place burned by flames.

Furthermore, the recommendation of minimize activities outdoors with particular attention to those of a playful-sporting matrix and to keep them closed windows to avoid inhalation of toxic fumes caused by the fire.

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