In Rome, the Tmb di Malagrotta continues to burn. About fifteen teams of the Fire Brigade have alternated on the spot for over twenty-four hours, but the column of smoke visible from kilometers away shows no sign of thinning. The flames, they assure, are under control, but the extinguishing operations will go on for days.

Fire in Malagrotta, the plant continues to burn but Gualtieri has disappeared from the radar

There is great concern among the residents, who for years have complained about the situation of that territory, surrounded by landfills, old plants, gas deposits and who have long been waiting for the reclamation of this former landfill.

Gualtieri? Disappeared from the media

The images of the flames rising to the sky immediately bring back to another fire, also in the capital, the one that in 2018 had affected a part of the Tmb Salario making the entire plant unusable.

The Capitoline councilor of the 5 Star Movement immediately rewound the tape, Daniele Diacowho, recalling the fire almost four years ago, underlined the different treatment that the media had reserved at the time for the former mayor of Rome, Virginia Raggi, compared to that reserved today for the mayor in office.

“Let’s say things as they are”, urges Diaco, “the situation for the capital is not going well. And Gualtieri is not doing anything, thanks to the media who never mention him… while when the Tmb Salario caught fire, we remember it well, they immediately blamed Virginia Raggi ”. And he continues: “When the flames broke out in the Tmb Salario in December 2018, it was all a competition to see who was the first to throw the stone against the then Rays administration: giving us the inept, the incapable. Unfortunately, today history repeats itself: but we will not do like them and we will not throw the cross on the current administration ”.

However, the citizens are thinking of lashing out at the current administrators. Claudio Fetoni, activist of the Valle Galeria Libera Committee, thunders on Facebook: “Disasters are needed to make institutions move! Everyone arrived in Malagrotta, president of the Lazio region, mayor of Rome, councilor for waste of the Lazio Region and councilor for waste of the Municipality of Rome. What are they saying to each other? That perhaps it was appropriate to listen to the desperate cry of the citizens and the Committee on the dangers that exist in the Valley? That, as we ‘prophesied’ in 2014, the area is alluvial? That fires like yesterday could trigger a domino effect and an epochal disaster? No, they may be thinking that now a place has become available and they can do something else with it !!! “.

The anger of the residents

A desperate cry that they had already launched also from the pages of The news. Fetoni, in an interview with this newspaper on May 13 last, had fiercely criticized the choice of the mayor dem to build two anaerobic biodigesters of over 100 thousand tons in Casal Selce and Cesano, in a territory already so tormented.

Meanwhile, the fire has dealt a severe blow to the management of the waste cycle, already in crisis, but what worries citizens most is the dioxin released, a substance which, as Alessandro Miani, president of the Italian Society of Environmental Medicine declares, it would be “a class 1 carcinogen, a deadly poison.

For this reason, the residents were advised to temporarily leave their homes or, if not possible, to close the windows and not to eat products from the areas affected by the disaster.

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