The era of subjection to the sovereignty of Matteo Salvini is archived. Just as any temptation for federation between Forza Italia and Lega, which for many was an annexation of the Azzurri to the Carroccio, has been discarded for the moment. Also necessary, given the negative wind that blew on the creature of Silvio Berlusconi.


Down from the Carroccio, Forza Italia closes to the Federation

The outcome of the Administrations gave a new verve to the executives and parliamentarians of Fi, overturning the scenario, not so much for the result achieved by the party, but for the difficulties of the historical ally. Salvini has lost his magic touch, you know. And even friends of all time have noticed.

So much so that now the project is to recover the votes lost by the League, especially in the North, already a granary of Berlusconi consensus. They are free voters, who are unlikely to be able to embrace the Brothers of Italy cause, seen as too Roman-centric a subject, and even less can take the path of the Democratic Party. Thus, the Berlusconians believe in the ascent. Perhaps even more than Silvio Berlusconi himself. The symbol of this goal is the “taking of the Lombardy Region”.

Until a few weeks ago it was taken for granted that the choice belonged to the League, in particular to Salvini, who wanted to focus on the reconfirmation of Attilio Fontana. A picture that now feeds perplexity in the center-right. With Forza Italia thinking about how to raise his voice: “Fontana’s re-nomination would be an assist on the left, which if he chooses a credible opponent he risks winning. It would be a disaster ”, is the reasoning, collected by La Notizia, which circulated in the Chamber during the analysis of the vote. So what? “You need a moderate profile”.

Translated: Forza Italia claims the candidacy for the presidency of the Region, which has now become a Northern League fief.

The slap of Tosi also arrives

Moreover, that something had changed in the relations between Lega and Fi was confirmed by the slap that the coordinator, Antonio Tajani, he trimmed the Carroccio, albeit with elegance. The welcome did not go unnoticed, complete with the delivery of the card in favor of the camera, reserved for Flavio Tosi. There is talk of the third wheel in the competition in Verona, which boasts a potentially decisive “package” of consents to decide the ballot between Damiano Tommasi And Federico Sboarina. And that he doesn’t really seem inclined to support his center-right rival. Yet the berluscones have claimed the choice. A clear message delivered to the top of Via Bellerio. The change of gear, compared to the condescending position towards the Carroccio, takes off with a further observation: in the Municipalities the center-right mayors with moderate traction are affirmed. The profile drawn is that of Marco Bucci, fresh from confirmation in Genoa. Of course, the first Genoese citizen defends his independence, also because it is not convenient for him to get involved in the derby between Berlusconians and Totians, who refer to the president of the Liguria Region in office. “But certainly Bucci is more comparable to moderates than to sovereignists”, observes a long-time parliamentarian.

From the Pirellone to Palazzo Chigi

And how is this strategy implemented on a national scale? From Pirellone you can go down to the capital, claiming the leadership of the coalition, or in any case of the government, in the next legislature. Salvini sees the prices for the climb of Palazzo Chigi drop day after day.

At the opposite Giorgia Meloni begins to cherish the dream of becoming the first female prime minister. The numbers are on her side and she enjoys the media push of the moment. However, there is no shortage of brakes: the anything but pro-European spirit, some excessive speeches, such as the one in Spain on the stage of the right-wing extremists of the Vox party, are a boulder along the route of Palazzo Chigi. Thus, in the parts of Forza Italia, there are those who cherish the possibility of taking the leadership. Not with Berlusconi, now too far in the years.

There is Mara Carfagna, which is deemed suitable. The Minister of the South, esteemed by Mario Draghi and viewed well also by the Quirinale, it would be the guarantee of a moderate leader, firmly pro-European, and with the novelty of a southern woman, prime minister. Not surprisingly, while some of her give her a rout with the top forces, she has never snatched, unlike what happened with the other ministers Gelmini and Brunetta, with Forza Italia. A tightrope walker position, perfect for becoming the synthesis between the factions of an alliance in a perennial tribal war.

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