Debut ‘GardaLo!’, The first cultural festival of Lake Garda, conceived and directed by the president of the Vittoriale Giordano Bruno Guerri. The pilot edition from 24 to 26 June at the Vittoriale, will be in four thematic paths for over 20 meetings, including conferences, shows and dialogues to discuss the contemporary world. There is also space for workshops dedicated to children and special visits for children, for the first time at the Vittoriale.
Among the guests Beck, Alessandro Bergonzoni, Gianni Biondillo, Franco Cardini Paolo Crepet, Domenico De Masi, Ernesto Galli della Loggia, Luca Doninelli Camillo Langone, Michela Marzano and Italo Rota. To conclude the days of Saturday 25 and Sunday 26, two shows at the Vittoriale Amphitheater.
The Festival, which involves the Lombard shore of Lake Garda, was strongly desired and designed for an area that – in the face of extraordinary tourism in terms of quality and quantity – still lacked an appointment that would enrich its cultural, central offer. in the summer calendar.
“By now Garda, I have long felt the lack – in the splendor of Garda – of a festival that brings beauty, intelligence, fun, discoveries to the tide of tourists who come to visit us. Now is the time, because periods of crisis are also points of departure for a rebirth. GardaLo !, already in this pilot edition which will take place entirely at the Vittoriale degli Italiani, will touch on the fundamental points for rebirth: the education of children and young people, first of all, then the school, the city-inhabitants relationship, history, the economy in its most dynamic forms, start-ups; finally, sensational spectacles for intelligence and beauty. It’s called GardaLo! because, in the intentions, next year it will join Bergamo Brescia 2023 Italian Capital of Culture with ten days of events in all the cities of the Lombard shore of Garda, including Brescia and beyond. But in the final project it will become GardaGa !, and will involve the three shores and the three regions of this wonder without boundaries: neither physical nor mental “says Giordano Bruno Guerri.
Four sections on the program: ‘Innovation’, curated by Giovanni Iozzia; ‘Literature’, curated by Luigi Mascheroni, ‘Giovani’, conceived by Paola Veneto and ‘Spettacolo’ organized by Viola Costa. On the morning of Sunday 26 June, the GardaLo! is enriched by an event in collaboration with the Municipality of Cremona: a performance on the Stradivari Golden Bell violin by Lena Yokoyama.
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