Il Pirellone, seat of the Lombardy Regional Council, will be colored with a rainbow on the nights of 1 and 2 July. A symbolic gesture but of closeness to the battles of the LGBTQ + community, right on the day when the city of Milan will host Pride 2022, after two turbulent years due to the pandemic.

Gay Pride in Milan, the M5S motion passes: the rainbow Pirellone breaks the majority

The majority splits on Gay Pride

The initiative, approved by the Regional Council, came from the 5 Star Movement with a motion signed by the councilor Simone Verni. The approval came by secret vote: 39 councilors voted in favor and 24 against, demonstrating how the center-right has practically “split” in the vote.

“On the one hand – comments Councilor Verni – the signal could be positive because there are probably different sensitivities within the majority. On the other hand, I fear that party dynamics may come into play with the secret vote ”.

To claim her “no” to the motion was the Northern League councilor Silvia Scurati, according to which the request for lighting the facade of the Pirellone is “a useless ostentation that has nothing to do with the defense of civil rights”. The comment on the approval of the motion also comes from the Lega councilor, Alessandra Cappellari, absent from the Council for health reasons. For her, “the gay pride catwalk is nothing more than an off-season carnival that represents only a part of homosexuals, that is the politicized and extremist part”.

Counselor Verni replies to them: “It is wrong to identify the spirit of the whole Pride in single gestures and isolated episodes. It is a colorful but always fair parade. Isolated episodes have always been condemned, but the theme cannot be continuously simplified and generalized ”.

But that is not all. The motion, in fact, commits the Executive to delegate the President of the Regional Council or an Assessor or a Regional Councilor to participate in Pride wearing the “institutional band”, in order to reaffirm the commitment of the Lombardy Region aimed at overcoming any form of discrimination and inequality.

“I hope – continues Verni – that the president Attilio Fontana want to wear the headband. In this way, he may realize that Pride is a joyful and colorful moment but not at all offensive. I have already sent a communication to reiterate my willingness to wear the sash with extreme pride to represent the Regional Council in this event “.

The approval of the motion is a further step forward in the discussion, in the Lombardy Region, of the issue of rights. In fact, the discussion process of PDL 109 dedicated to the memory of the councilor started a little over a month ago Iolanda Nanni – ‘Rules against discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity’ – the regional draft law against homolesbobitransphobic discrimination.

Lombardy, in fact, is one of the regions lagging behind on the subject. There are nine regions that already have a similar law (Piedmont, Liguria, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Emilia-Romagna, Tuscany, Marche, Umbria, Campania and Sicily) while a bill has been filed in three others (Lazio, Puglia and Campania).

These are small, important steps towards a community that has always asked to be listened to and supported. A double symbolic but concrete event, that of the Pirellone illuminated with the colors of the rainbow and that of the proximity of the Regional Council during the Pride. “For us – concludes Councilor Verni – no one should be left behind”.

Arianna Neri

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