I am Storm: plot, cast and location where the film was shot on air on Rai 2 on the evening of Thursday 16 June.

I am Tempesta: plot, cast and location where the film was shot

I am Storm: plot

I am Storm is a film by Daniele Luchetti released in 2018 which has as protagonists Marco Giallini, Elio Germano and Eleonora Danco.

As for the plot of the film, this is all about protagonist Numa Tempesta, played by Marco Giallini, a financier who lives alone in a deserted hotel he owns and manages a fund of one and a half billion euros. Storm has a strong business attitude, charisma, lots of money and few scruples. The law, however, suddenly knocks on his door and forces him to serve a year of sentence to social services in a reception center for an old conviction for tax evasion.

In the period in which he serves his sentence at the disposal of those who have nothing, he meets various characters like Brunointerpreted by Elio Germano, a young father who often goes to the center with his son after being overwhelmed by an economic meltdown. If an opportunity for rebirth and friendship seems to present itself for both, the two will have to do accounts with money and a group of homeless.

As per tradition in Daniele Luchetti’s production, therefore, the spectators will find themselves a questioning who are the good in history and if, indeed, the good ones exist.

I am storm: cast

Compared to cast from I am Stormthis can be summarized as follows:

  • Marco Giallini: Numa Tempesta;
  • Elio Germano: Bruno;
  • Eleonora Danco: Angela;
  • Jo Sung: Dimitri;
  • Francesco Gheghi: Nicola;
  • Carlo Bigini: Father Numa;
  • Marcello Fonte: Il Greco;
  • Franco Boccuccia: Boccuccia;
  • Paola Da Grava: Paola;
  • Federica Santoro: Domitilla;
  • Pamela Brown: Dancer;
  • Luciano Curreli: Engineer;
  • Jean Paul Buana: Blake;
  • Stayko Yonkinsky: Slavic;
  • Mimmo Epifani: Mimmo;
  • Simonetta Columbu: Radiant;
  • Klea Marku: Klea;
  • Sara Deghdak: Mimosa.

Location where the film was shot and distribution

As for the location of the filmsome scenes of I am Storm set in Kazakhstan were actually shot at the Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga National Park.

The first trailer of the film was released on March 14, 2018 while the distribution in Italian cinemas took place a starting from 12 April 2018.

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