The first bad one is never forgotten “, Lorella Cuccarini smiles.” It was also the only one of my career. I am fortunate to be a sunny woman, it has always been natural to call myself for very bright, romantic characters, like Sandy from Grease. But with this role, especially in the first part of the show in which I also inspire a little fear, I faced a real challenge with myself. “This is how the” most loved by Italians “, a coveted teacher at Amici’s school, returns to theater and, almost ten later, he again wears the costume and spells of the Mother Gothel of “Rapunzel – The musical”, the show that Maurizio Colombi based on the tale of the Grimm brothers and which at the time toured Italy with over 150 thousand spectators. corvini, special effects and original music by Davide Magnabosco, Alex Procacci and Paolo Barillari, the show is back on stage, among the top titles of the new season of the Brancaccio Theater in Rome (where it will be on the bill for all Christmas holidays from 2 December to January 8), with also a stop at the National in Milan. A season that of Brancaccio which, between music, circus and lots of musicals, opens with Anastacia in concert and from September to the end of May puts in line, among others, also he Checco Zalone with his new (and still top secret) Amore + Iva, Claudio Bisio in My life badly told, Elio in It takes ear, Giorgio Panariello with La favola mia and then successes still on tour since last year as Seven brides for seven brothers with Diana Del Bufalo and Baz, the revelation Everyone talks about Jamie with Giancarlo Commare, Red Canzian’s Casanova Opera Pop and then the new Vlad Dracula by Ario Avecone and Rumors by Giuliano Peparini. A bill that “comes after an incredible year for the whole of Italian theater – admits the director Alessandro Longobardi, who is also the producer of Rapunzel – For us she was artistically lively, but a disaster in the flows, which touched the – 60%. We expected it, perhaps not like this, because we would never have imagined war “. Now we start, with the Brancaccio recognized as a center of theatrical production by the Mic (together with the Sala Umberto and the Spazio Diamante). “After two years like the ones we lived, I really wanted to return to direct contact, live, with the public – says Cuccarini – Rapunzel, then, is our show, all Italian, not taken from abroad and then regionalized. It is the result of the Longobards and Pigeons being a bit visionary and courageous. And then Gothel is a sui generis villain, funny, a cartoon character. I remember the little girls, who after seeing the show wanted to dress like she”. Ten years ago, says the director, “we had the flight of lanterns over the audience, Rapunzel’s magical hair, two talking flowers. The technologies have moved forward, we will update ourselves”. Meanwhile, for Cuccarini, the commitment with Amici on Canale 5 is renewed. “It is such a beautiful experience that I did not want to interrupt it – he explains – Among the boys I see a lot of talent and desire to make it. I think I will most likely keep the professorship of I sing”. On the way there is also a YouTube channel of her all about her, “where I will meet and tell a few characters, in a very free space. A dream still in the drawer? Perhaps a role in the cinema very different from me”.

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