“The cinema is not the hall, just as the museum is not just the place where the paintings are hung. At the same time the theater is not the physical building. This is how Davide Sacco and I thought of these three days. Starting point , absolute sharing, in which the theater becomes a concept of humanity. You arrive, you see each other, you exchange projects, ideas “. The impression is that Francesco Montanari, actor, director, eternally (and with equal success) divided between theater, cinema and TV, is really a river of ideas, soon making his debut as a writer (with “my first novel, but we will talk later “, he winks) and also” captain “of Narni Città Teatro, the third edition of the festival whose artistic direction he signs together with Davide Sacco, scheduled in the Umbrian town from 17 to 19 June. “There will be 35 events in 3 days, where all Narni will be there – he tells ANSA – Indeed, Narni itself will become theater with many shows and meetings with the public. The subtitle is Fantastic Languages ​​because we wanted a mix of everything related to live show, in a fusion of different styles and genres “. Thus, between Piazza dei Priori and Rocca Albornoz, cloisters and historic buildings, even on the Cardona Bridge, as well as obviously the Municipal Theater, the program goes from the national premiere of the “Writings on Art” that Sacco himself drew from Karl Marx , with Federica Rosellini and Daniele Russo together with the 99 Posse; to performances such as “Il Terzo Reich” by Romeo Castellucci. And then installations such as “In the Solitude of the Cotton Fields” by Bernard-Maria Koltès directed by Mario Martone and the rearrangement by Fabrizio Arcuri, theatrical performances such as “Every Brilliant Thing”, also directed by Arcuri together with Filippo Nigro. Up to Sabina Guzzanti, exceptional narrator of the suggestive appointment at dawn among the ruins of Ala Diruta. Montanari, who on 8 July will also be at the Campania Teatro Festival with Budello by Athos Zontini and then on tour with Lino Guanciale in Sacco’s The Cruelest Man in the World, held the premiere of “Play House” for himself. by the British Martin Crimp, a text that deals with the theme of the end of a relationship and which also marks his first direction. “Crimp wrote it for two people – he explains – There are 13 paintings, from birth to the end of a couple. I transformed it into the awareness of a man who, faced with yet another finished story, after years of analysis, 13 moments on stage to understand which mechanisms he sets in motion each time to push a person away. Each time, however, he skips a key word. This is how he always understands something more. On the other hand – he smiles – I always come up with new questions “. Speculating someone might find the choice of the text almost cathartic with respect to his personal life (and at the end of the marriage with the presenter Andrea Delogu). “I would have no problem saying it – he replies – Actually I was thinking about this show a long time before. a process of my own, personal, all-round awareness “. Meanwhile, the actor is also ready to return to TV at the beginning of autumn, starring together with Elena Radonicich and Giancarlo Giannini of the new Sky series dedicated to the transfer market, with the still provisional title Impero. “It’s a great family saga – he says – epic, almost Shakespearean, set between prosecutors in the unbridled competition behind the scenes of football. Me and the ball? No, I’m embarrassing – he laughs – I don’t attend, I don’t cheer, I don’t play”.

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