Much ado about nothing. After the failed referendums due to the lack of a quorum and the rain of rejected amendments to reintroduce the contents, the reform of the CSM wanted by the minister Marta Cartabia it’s law. With a very large majority, 173 votes in favor and just 37 against, the Senate approved the text without any changes.


A result that, only a few hours ago, seemed really at risk given the stiff opposition expressed by the Lega and Italia Viva, with above all the former who seemed even ready to tear. In reality, the M5S deputy had already made it clear that things would turn out like this, Vittorio Ferraresiwhich a The news he had said plainly that the maneuvers of the two Matteo were nothing more than “a great caciara to make electoral propaganda”.

A prophecy that was confirmed a few hours later by the decisions of the two parties taken in the Chamber and which essentially aimed at safeguarding the current government rather than burying it.

The League goes haywire on the reform of the CSM

However, the two parties followed very different strategies. Self Matteo Renzi managed to keep – at least in part – the point, so much so that he opted for the abstention of his own senators exactly as he did in the House, Matteo Salvini they went very differently. Yes, because it is undeniable that the Carroccio in recent months has often and willingly seemed to get in the way of the reform of the CSM.

A battle on the point of law which, despite the many concessions obtained during the countless majority summits that led to the definitive text, had convinced the Captain to deploy his party in favor of the famous five referendum questions, three of which would have touched on aspects already dealt with by the reform while the remaining two, the repeal of the Severino law and the limitation of precautionary measures, would have brought about such a distortion of Italian justice that certainly would have caused a political crisis with unpredictable results.

A battle over the text of the Cartabia that Salvini continued even after the flop of the popular consultation. How? Simply bringing – first to the Justice Commission in the Senate and then to the Chamber itself – a series of amendments which, very trivially, would have included the contents of the referendum questions within the reform. It is a pity that the blitz, on which half parliamentary convergences were assumed, was rejected to the sender with a resounding rejection.

This morning, however, the League’s position of opposition to the provision has magically disappeared. Thus, in spite of what many suspected, the party made yet another turnaround and voted in favor of the Cartabia reform.

All unhappy

In short, all happy and content, or not? It may seem like a trivial question but it is not. In spite of the overwhelming majority of votes in favor and tactical abstention, the paradoxical feeling is that everyone has something to say about the measure.

“On the reform, more could have been done and better, but I want to emphasize that without our contribution the result would have been worse: the 5 Star Movement is always in defense of the country and the Constitution” explained the senator Alessandra Maiorino underlining how this “was the only possible Reform with this strange majority”.

“Something is still missing from this reform”, we voted “in favor of these changes, but a constitutional reform is missing. There were times to do it, it would have allowed us to say not only who goes to the CSM, but who is worthy of going to the CSM “explained the senator of the League, Giulia Bongiorno who spoke of the reform as “a missed opportunity”.

Satisfied, however, the Democratic Party with the parent company in the Senate, Simona Malpezzi, who explains that “with the approval of the reform of the CSM another step is placed in the framework of the justice reforms. On this matter, we have always argued that Parliament should do its job. So it was”. But the Pd parliamentarian does not stop there and lays bare the too many contradictions of the Northern League, recalling how “we support the Executive in its commitment to reform with decision and a constructive spirit. We cannot say the same of other forces of the majority that continue to stand out and of the League which put the provision at risk, voting several times against the Government, despite the delicate balance reached by the majority agreements, and which then gave the green light today. without a shot hitting. An irresponsible and confused attitude “.

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