Il Fine vita arriva in Italia. È morto “Mario”, il primo caso di suicidio assistito del Paese

The End of Life arrives in Italy. He died this morning at 11.05 Federico Carboni, 44 years old from Senigallia, until now known as “Mario”. He is the first Italian to have requested and obtained access to medically assisted suicide, made legal by the sentence of the Constitutional Court 242/2019 on the Cappato-Antoniani case.

The End of Life arrives in Italy.  “Mario”, the first case of assisted suicide in the country, died

The true identity of “Mario” is revealed after his death, as decided by him. Federico died in his home after having self-administered the lethal drug through a special machine, costing about 5 thousand euros, entirely paid by him, and for which the Luca Coscioni Association had launched a fundraiser.

The medically assisted suicide procedure took place under the medical supervision of Dr. Mario Riccio, anesthetist of Piergiorgio Welby and Federico Carboni’s consultant during the judicial proceedings. Alongside Federico, his family, his friends, as well as Marco Cappato, Filomena Gallo and a part of the legal college.

An endless legal battle

The definitive go-ahead for access to assisted suicide had arrived on February 9, with the opinion on the drug and on the “execution” methods, after almost two years from the first request to Asur and after a long legal battle, in which was assisted by the Luca Coscioni Association.

“I do not deny that I am sorry to take leave of life. I would be false and a liar if I said otherwise because life is great and we only have one. But unfortunately it went like this. I did everything possible to be able to live as well as possible and try to recover as much as possible from my disability, but by now I am exhausted both mentally and physically ”explained Mario.

“I do not have a minimum of autonomy in daily life, I am at the mercy of events, I depend on others for everything, I am like a boat adrift in the ocean. I am aware of my physical condition and future prospects so I am totally calm and calm about what I will do. With the Luca Coscioni Association we defended ourselves by attacking and we attacked by defending ourselves. We have done jurisprudence and a piece of history in our country and I am proud and honored to have been by your side. Now I’m finally free to fly where I want ”were his last words.

The End of Life arrives in Italy: but there is still a lot to do

“On behalf of the entire Luca Coscioni Association, we express gratitude to Federico for the trust he has given us in these two years, since he preferred to give up the possibility of going to die in Switzerland and chose to assert his rights in Italy. We gather around mum, friends and all the people who loved him “. Filomena Gallo and Marco Cappato, National Secretary and Treasurer of the Luca Coscioni Association declared, commenting on the incident.

“His stubbornness has not only allowed him to get what he wanted, but has paved the way for those who will be in the same conditions from now on. For Federico, the Luca Coscioni Association had to replace the state in the implementation of rights. We will continue to help those who ask us. At this point, a law like the one approved in the House would no longer be needed ”, the activists conclude.

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