Letta’s plan is clear (and it’s not even that new). For the next political elections, the secretary of the Democratic Party wants to try the challenge of holding together Giuseppe Conte, Matteo Renzi And Carlo Calenda.


Read at the next political elections wants to try the challenge of keeping Conte, Renzi and Calenda together

The strategy, for now, is not very clear since the only data available is “patience” (“I have several defects but one advantage, that of patience. I believe that this work will be done with patience”, he explained Read host of the broadcast On Tuesday). Then, with a vaguely naive exit, Letta explains that when she sees Conte and Calenda in the next few weeks she will ask them to “explain the reason why that other is the absolute enemy.”

He will not even need to meet them since Conte and Calenda have responded by return of post. “If we talk about openness to active civics, we are open. – says Conte on behalf of the M5S – If instead we have to build the future destiny of the progressive front with Italia Viva that I have never met in the territories and I have not met its symbol or of Calenda who has carried out targeted and very cunning operations, then we do different operations. But citizens should not be told nonsense ».

That the strategy is unlikely if not impossible is also repeated by Carlo Calenda who writes on his twitter profile: «Post administrative questions. 1) “You are available for the wide field with the 5S” Answer “No”. 2) “But then you will enter the wide field with?” Reply “NO”. 3) “Letta wants to build the wide field, she will be there” resp. NO!! 4) “You exclude being part of the camp, ..”. I give up”.

But for the leader of the action it is not just an idiosyncrasy towards the 5 stars, but a completely different way from the one that Conte and Letta have in mind: «Building an alternative offer to the two poles. – explains Calenda – We believe that the best thing to do is to build a third area, which goes by itself and splits bipopulism “and that after the vote it allies” also with the Democratic Party, Forza Italia and the Lega, which I hope will come to his senses and accompany Salvini to the door ».

It is the famous “Draghi area” which has been circulating in parliamentary circles for weeks. Meanwhile Renzi (after shamelessly supporting center-right candidates in the administrative rounds, such as Tosi in Verona and Sinibaldi in Rieti) declares the 5 Star Movement “dead”. It is unlikely that he wants to join forces and practically impossible that Conte – and the parties further to the left – can accept him.

What will happen a minute before the next political elections is difficult to imagine today, the roads are winding, impractical and patience will not be enough to oil the path. Someone perhaps imagines – hopefully not Read – that in 2023 after the last successive legislatures, the “broad understandings” can still work by building an electoral cartel that, under the test of facts, would not be able to agree even on the color of the fence.

In the air you can already smell the scent of “useful vote to stop the right”, the trademark of the centrist mappazzone that some people in the PD are so fond of (“expand coalition to Action, IV and liberals Fi”, the PD senator has been repeating for days Andrea Marcucci). Is this the way? There is not much time to understand it yet. Perhaps the “third way” will be the construction of a pole that takes on the burden of getting out of this molasses that attracts almost everyone.

To be an alternative to the right (as Letta repeats), one must really be an alternative. Someone might decide not to have patience, unlike the secretary of the PD, and it might not be so bad. To the poor, the exploited, the without rights, “broad understandings” have always cost more than any war.

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