La notte di Rai2 brilla con I Lunatici. E il meglio deve venire

The night has another rhythm. Another colors. Other sounds. A radio and television family that has welcomed tens of thousands of insomniacs. Workers. Restless souls who have now found a home. This house has a specific name. The Lunatics. Radio (and television) program hosted by Roberto Arduini And Andrea Di Ciancio Monday to Friday from midnight to four on Rai Radio2. With a part of the format also broadcast simultaneously on Rai Play and Rai2. Always in strict direct.

Rai2's night shines with I Lunatici.  And the best is to come

Anyone who has listened to or watched it knows that this program is engaging and therapeutic. Cross-media and interactive. Nice to hear and watch (many people on twitter, where #ilunatici ends every night in the trend among the most discussed topics, or on the official Facebook group).


Rai Radio2 had a brilliant idea four years ago. That of reopening the night live on the radio. And to entrust it to two champions of the microphone who came from years of apprenticeship between local radio and university broadcasters. Arduini and Di Ciancio took little to become a cult on radio. In the first season they won the prestigious Biagio Agnes award, the love of the people of the night for them immediately exploded and went on growing.

The intuition to bring part of this jewel also on TV, on a generalist network such as Rai 2, was wonderful and hopefully it will be maintained for as long as possible. Watching the radio in the wee hours is wonderful and with I Lunatici, a real public service, you have the impression of having to deal with two old friends, with whom you can talk about everything. And then in an era in which live broadcasting is increasingly rare commodity, in front of the lunatics you let yourself be taken by the charm of surprise. Unpredictability. Also for this reason the program hypnotizes you.

Every night between phone calls at 063131, messages and various social networks, thousands of people try to get in touch with Arduini and Di Ciancio. There are those who have incredible stories to tell. Those who simply ask for a pinch of company and comfort. And the two gave a lot of comfort. On nights of pandemic and curfew. On nights of war at the gates of Europe. Pure public service. Transmission of great social value.

A Rai-branded success that is nice to tell, an Italian story about which you could easily write a book that shows that in our country merit still counts, and that if you are good you can reach the top, radio and TV, even starting from the bottom . The people of the night love I Lunatici because Roberto and Andrea are two ‘normal’ people. They are not stars. I’m not an influencer. They have a kind word for everyone. They manage to put anyone at ease. This is why their interviews often go around the web.

For this reason, those who call them do not consider them two presenters, but two friends to confide in. Students, university professors, young people, seniors: listening to an episode of I Lunatici it will be easy to understand how much the audience of this program is transversal. You can laugh or you can be moved. Talk about music, movies, love, school, work. The two are also particularly attentive to youth trends. A few nights ago, following the latest trend of tik tok, that of “speaking in italics”, they convinced many under 20s to call or send messages. They listen. They involve. They distract. When needed, they inform without ever taking themselves too seriously.

For some time now we have not seen a similar movement of affection towards a public TV program outside the traditional maximum audience ranges. A program in which the listener is the protagonist and real people have space. And in which you can breathe an air of lightness and unpredictability that prevents you from turning off the radio or TV even if the alarm will sound after a few hours. Because there is a question that sticks you to I Lunatici.

What will happen now? While trying to find out, it is four in the morning. And the magic is renewed the next night. Thus this program quickly became a cult for the composite world of the night. In a few years it has been able to hit the most exposed nerves of a target of people who needed a product like this. Yet the feeling is clear. If Rai continues to believe in it and Arduini and Di Ciancio will not tire of staying late (and will not argue with each other, because one is the strength of the other and vice versa), the best is yet to come.

Rosaria Cannavò

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