The need to have a law on the minimum wage also in Italy, one of the very few EU countries that does not yet have it, also stems from a consideration that affects the future of workers and that of taxpayers. To explain it to us is the president of the INPS, Pasquale Tridico.


Minimum wage, the number one of the INPS Tridico explains why everyone needs to raise wages

“Poor and too intermittent jobs will produce poor pensions. Pensions which, in order to be dignified and guarantee a subsistence basis, must be supplemented by the state and, therefore, by general taxation ”, explains Tridico in an interview with Previndai Media Player, the multimedia newsletter of the pension fund of industrial managers.

“Before this – he continues – we should try to make reforms that give millions of underpaid or illegally paid people a legal minimum wage, contracts with adequate levels of protection and union representation, incentives for female work and prospects for young people”.

In the Labor Committee of the Senate, where six proposals on the minimum wage have been deposited since the beginning of the legislature, the basic text (from the time of Count 1) of Nunzia Catalfoformer 5S Minister of Labor who then presented another one in April 2021, which also includes the representation of the social partners in collective bargaining and proposes the tax reduction of the increases dictated by the contractual renewals.

Work on the text was released on 10 May with the illustration of the amendments. Now, however, they have stopped again waiting for the technical reports of the ministries of the Economy and Labor and the opinions of the Budget Commission of Palazzo Madama. No one, however, can make predictions on the times even in light of the new equilibrium in the coalitions determined after the vote in the cities.

The minimum wage in fact remains a workhorse of the M5S. Which has the support of Leu and the Democratic Party. But while the pentastellati have inserted a minimum hourly wage threshold of 9 euros, below which it cannot be lowered (level now not guaranteed to about 4.5 million workers according to INPS data), the dems have not indicated any threshold of dignity.

With the Minister of Labor, Andrea Orlando, propose that the total remuneration (Tec) contained in the most representative contracts can become the reference minimum wage for all workers in the sector. But if a convergence among the former Giallorossi appears possible in the end, it will be necessary to deal with the opposition of the right, from Lega to Forza Italia.

Who are ready to stop the works at Palazzo Madama as soon as the amendments begin to be voted on. Outside the government there is hostility from businesses and part of the trade union (CISL). But from Europe the push for its approval is getting stronger. Yesterday, Coreper (the EU ambassadors) gave the green light to the agreement reached in Brussels on the directive on “adequate and fair” minimum wages.

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