(ANSA) – ROME, JUN 17 – He is not even 20 years old, but he already has the allure of the star. And with good reason. With over 471 million streams, more than 57 million views for her videos, beloved on TikTok and on social platforms (only on Instagram she has half a million followers), Anna in three years, after the overwhelming exploit with Bando just 16 years old, the youngest artist to have reached the first position of FIMI singles, has conquered his place in the front row in the Italian rap scene. “And in a world where men are more advantaged, I want to be an inspiration and a point of reference for the new generation, for artists who do not have the courage to expose themselves – she says confidently -. My goal is to clear the rap for women. make it normal: in America it is, in Italy it still isn’t “. When she started she felt “wrong, a fish out of water. I don’t want that to happen to anyone anymore. But you also need everyone’s support: there’s nanny envy around and without everyone’s help you don’t want to. it will change “.
Clearance of rap declined to women, therefore. And it is not alone, because for some time young artists like Madame or Mara Sattei have been conquering their spaces. “The gold or platinum records are there, the music speaks. Only by breaking, making hits that everyone sings can create a cult that is lacking in Italy. My reference is American rappers, not because I don’t like Italian colleagues. or they are not strong, but because I think I do something very mine, to have a unique style in Italy “. Anna put her singles in a row, one after the other: Bando (remained at the top of the charts for several weeks, certified double platinum, and with several remixes), Squeeze # 1, Drippin in Milan. She now she launches her first ep: Lista 47 (available tomorrow for Virgin Records / Universal Music Italy). “Seven light songs to entertain people this summer, and the title I thought was like a party with the list to enter. The 47? It’s my lucky number.” Among the songs 3 of hearts with Lazza and Gasolina already released and then feat with Mambolosco and Rondo da Sosa.
“There is time for a real record, I would like to put more soul into it, more things related to me”. Yet even in her ep there is a lot of her, as when in Sola Andata she sings: “I’m success changes the people around you much more than you the little girl who used to cry now laughs if you offend him”. “As a child – explains the nineteen year old from La Spezia – I suffered a bit of bullying at school because I was a bit chubby, now easy. If someone offends me, I’m untouchable. I discovered I was very strong. The revenge was getting out of it. stronger, prove you did it “. List 47 also highlights her musical as well as personal growth. “I explored so many sides of myself. Before I didn’t do so many melodic things, but thanks to Young Miles I was able to explore new worlds. I was a bit stuck: I knew what to say, but I didn’t know how to say it.”
Meanwhile, Gasolina goes her own way: she is first on TikTok among the songs used. “Summer smash? It is possible that it will become one, but I did it because I liked it. And as with Bando, I already know that there are pros and cons, because when you are very exposed comes a lot of love, but also hate”. Her success has already led someone to hypothesize her presence at the next Sanremo festival, but at the moment she excludes: “I never said I wanted to go, it’s not of my interest, I consider it too pop, as a concept of TV. Italian. I want to focus more on rap and I don’t want to be seen as what I am not. If I were asked I would think about it but it is not one of my ambitions. I aspire to much more: American Billboards, foreign prizes ” . Maneskin docet.