Tg1, Giorgino D’Aquino and Chimenti removed from the 8pm news: what happened in Rai and what are the reasons for the removal of the three presenters?

Tg1, Giorgino D'Aquino and Chimenti removed from the 8pm news: what happened on Rai

Tg1, Giorgino D’Aquino and Chimenti removed from the 8pm news

Based on the rumors spread so far, the director Monica Maggioni he would have decided to remove from the evening edition of Tg1 i journalists Francesco Giorgino, Emma D’Aquino and Laura Chimenti.

The three faces of the 20:00 news broadcast on the first Rai network, in fact, would have been moved toedition of 13:30 after refusing to be assigned to the press review at 06:30 in the morning, coordinated by Mario Prignano. The request to be moved to the morning news was addressed to all the journalists in the direction of the newspaper. At the moment, it seems that the request has been accepted by only one conductor at 20:00 or by Alessio Zucchini.

To avoid having to accept the request of the director Monica Maggioni and be moved from the evening to the morning edition of TG1, it would seem that Giorgino, D’Aquino and Chimenti presented some medical certificates to justify the refusal by citing problems of various kinds. However, the strategy adopted by the three “half busts” of Rai 1 did not have the desired effects, leading the director to move the conductors to band broadcast at lunchtime.

What happened in Rai: Monica Maggioni’s intention and the intervention of politics

In relation to Monica Maggioni’s decision, Giorgino, D’Aquino and Chimenti should be replaced on Tg1 at 20:00 by some colleagues who usually take care of the lunchtime news. Specifically, it would be Sonia Sarno, Paola Cervelli, Roberto Chinzari, Isabella Romano, Valentina Bisti or even Giorgia Cardinaletti.

The decision sparked controversy and resentment in Rai circles and could soon be put to the examination of the vertices of viale Mazzini.

Meanwhile, Monica Maggioni’s intention was to make one choral effort asking all the Rai 1 journalists to create aalternation to the conduct of the press review at 06:30. The request was also addressed to the five most important journalists of the first channel and, therefore, not only to Giorgino, D’Aquino and Chimenti but also toAlessio Zucchini and Elisa Anzaldo.

On the matter, in the meantime, the politics has already begun to move, Michele Anzaldi of the Rai Supervisory Authority, in fact, described the incident as a “settling of scores internal ”, asserting that the maneuver was carried out only to remove the three conductors.

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