“Mine is a TV that is attentive to ordinary people, those with whom I started at the beginning of my career and who I missed the most when the pandemic began. It is precisely because they were gone that I decided to take a break” : is eager to find her audience again Caterina Balivo, who from 21 June will be in prime time on Tv8 with the romantic and unprecedented dating “Who wants to marry my mom?”, while on 28 and 29 July (and then every Thursday in the late evening ) will land on Rai2 to host “Help – I have a doubt”.
In both programs, emotions will set the pace: on Tv8 Balivo will give a hand to some single mothers, accompanied by their children, to find a new happiness in love, to give themselves a second chance. In the new Rai2 ‘people show’ (adaptation of the Anglo-Saxon format What should I do) the objective will instead be to help competitors make a decision regarding small or large doubts concerning their own lives: each component of the audience in the studio, guided from the presenter, will have to vote via a remote control with only two options and decide which of the two he favors. “I left a successful program on the Rai flagship network. But I had other priorities, such as a woman, mother, wife. It was not obvious to return to Rai after my departure, but I am happy to do so and to find people with whom I have already worked in the past. For me, being always attentive to the signals that life gives, it is like closing a circle “, says the presenter in an interview with ANSA.
“There is a need for lightheartedness, to help each other, to spend hours relaxing on TV: that’s why I chose these two programs”, continues Balivo, “whoever leads must give the best of themselves: after all, you are on TV, and TV is a pillar. The hosts have the responsibility first of all to respect the work of those behind the scenes and then obviously also of the viewers who are at home. I lead people to tell about themselves or to perform: this is my job and it is I work very specific, because I value those around me, not myself. This is my goal, after leaving the daily “.
Wouldn’t you be interested in a daily schedule again? “No, I did it for 20 years and now I can’t afford it anymore, but not for the family, because I have some help, I would be ungenerous to say. It’s for myself, for time, for how I see life.
Because in 10 hours in a studio you lose too many things “, he explains,” we are all survivors after 2 terrible years of covid: why do we have to waste what we still have in front of us? The pandemic was a roulette wheel. I don’t want to lose anything in life anymore, I don’t allow it to anyone anymore. “She is always very careful to spread but also to put into practice messages of positivity, to encourage people to love each other.
“We talk about positivity but then nothing ever happens. There is a lot of rhetoric in positive messages. I try to be consistent even in actions”, he says, “for example I took pictures in costume and you could see some stretch marks. I asked to leave them because I am like that. Then of course, I use the light that helps me to try to value myself, but nothing more. I am who I am “. Does the public identify with you? “Many identify themselves: I have a much more feminine than masculine audience”, she says, “to those who think I might have more things, I always say, try it too, valorise yourself, help.
The important thing is never to neglect yourself, but not out of vanity, because taking care of yourself is giving yourself a gift. My mother taught me this, she was an elementary teacher not a soubrette “.
Do you already have something in mind for the future? “Now I just want to think about doing these two programs well, which I like and enjoy and in which I am in contact with my audience”.