Question and answer between Flavio Tosi and Giorgia Meloni for not appearing in Verona. “Federico Sboarina in Verona and Valerio Donato in Catanzaro will be able to count on the support of the entire center-right, beyond the technical formulas of a sharing that remains substantial”, said Meloni in the afternoon.

“In particular in Verona, albeit in the absence of a technical semblance, Fratelli d’Italia immediately guarantees the full sharing of the project with Flavio Tosito give the city of Verona a program and a winning center-right team “, underlined the president of the Brothers of Italy in a statement.

Words that astonished Tosi. “I read with wonder the note by Giorgia Meloni, who interprets my statement in her own way, alluding to an agreement reached with Fdi in Verona in view of the ballot, agreement that is not there precisely because of the choices of Federico Sboarinawhich so far demonstrates that he does not have unity at heart, nor the victory of the center-right “, said the former Northern League player in the evening.” In Lucca, for example, where the candidate cares about the affirmation of the entire coalition, c ‘was the appearance, the only transparent instrument in front of the voters, foreseen by the law “.

Tosi had reiterated his position in a post on Facebook during the day. “We will only accept the official appearance, the only one required by the ballot legislation, in the light of the sun. This appearance would have our most voted and most voted center-right men and women elected to the City Council, therefore chosen and chosen by the people “, he pointed out. “Agreements of the palace and caregas do not interest us. How we don’t care to be treated as second-class allies, An anti-democratic logic! “.” And disrespectful: a bit like inviting you to dinner and while your friends eat in the living room, you’re sitting in the wardrobe “, he concluded. Tosi.

Sboarina’s position
“We had already spoken with Giorgia Meloni. It is clear that there was a confrontation with respect to the theme of appearance, after which, as I have already told you, there was the choice I made and that we are pursuing”, he said in Verona Federico Sboarina, about the decision not to ally with Flavio Tosi for the second round of the municipal. “I read somewhere that I ‘would have closed’. I have not, I have not closed to anyone. I have talked about the technicalities and the appearance and in parallel it is that I have opened. That is, I have opened to an agreement that is a programmatic agreement because the technicalities are not and would not be understood by the Veronese citizens “. “So the message, from my point of view, is a positive one: with Forza Italia, on the basis of a programmatic agreement, it is an opening that I have already declared at the beginning”.

Salvini’s reaction
Federico Sboarina’s decision to say no to the appearance with Forza Italia and with Flavio Tosi at the ballot in Verona “it’s a huge mistake“according to Lega secretary Matteo Salvini who told reporters he had heard both.” I hope that the friends of the Brothers of Italy will think again. The vote on Sunday – he added – says that the united center wins “and in Verona it has over 60%.

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