The mother of an autistic teenager who chooses a confidant recent graduate as her confidant. It is the unconventional role of Dakota Johnson (also co-producer) in Cha Cha Real Smooth directed and co-starred by 24-year-old Cooper Raiff, a comedy / dramedy that after its debut at the Sundance film Festival where it won the US Dramatic Audience Award 2022, has arrived on Apple + tv.
“I hadn’t been to Sundance since I was 22,” recalled the actress, featured on the festival program as the protagonist and co-producer of another dramedy, Am I Ok? directed by Tig Notaro together with his wife, actress and filmmaker Stephanie Allynne. “These are the first two projects produced by my production company (Tea time Productions, created with partner Ro Donnelly, ed). We shot them both during the pandemic.” Cha Real Smooth, “is about a 20-year-old (Raiff) just graduated who gets a job as an entertainer at bar mitzvahs and falls in love with Domino, the mom of an autistic girl (the talented newcomer Vanessa Burghardt, really on the autism spectrum) at a party. “. To attract the actress to the two projects there was also the possibility of “embodying women in their thirties who have not yet understood everything about themselves – she explains -. Generally in comedies of formation or on friendship of this type at the end you see 20-year-olds who have perfectly clear who they are; which is impossible, because at 20 we are almost all still idiots with very confused ideas “. The world “would be a much calmer place if people were given more time to grow, mature and change,” she points out. At the cinema “I always see fully realized female archetypes and I don’t identify with them. Those I play here are women full of life, who ‘bleed’ and ‘bite’, assaulted by thoughts and committed to discovering themselves … in this I look like both “. Now Dakota Johnson is also returning in a new adaptation of one of Jane Austen’s masterpieces Carrie Cracknell’s Persuasion on Netflix from July 15, and has another co-producer project in the works, Christy Hall’s Daddio, among others. which I will star with Sean Penn “. (HANDLE).