Even in giving a very painful announcement to his loyal admirers, Giovanni Allevi chooses the notes of his beloved music. With a photo in which he tries to “translate” the word “myeloma” into notes, the 53-year-old pianist and composer from the Marches explains that he has discovered that he has a tumor. “I will not turn around: I discovered – he writes on social networks – that I have a sweet-sounding neoplasm: myeloma, but no less insidious”. Lots of messages of affection and solidarity, accompanied by leathers, flowers and musical notes, which are flooding the web.

In one of his latest posts Allevi wrote that “the artist must be a creature without filters, in a magical contact with things” and I trust this belief he does not hide his fear and fragility from his fans: ” My greatest anguish – he reveals – is the thought of causing pain to my family and all the people who follow me with affection “. The musician recently suffered from back pain but still wanted to continue the concerts of the Ecstasy tour (the last live at the Konzerthaus in Vienna). At the end of the summer he was expected in the Far East but will be forced to stop for a period of treatment. “I have always fought – he says in fact – my inner dragons in concert with you, thanks to Music. This time forgive me, I will have to do it away from the stage”.

Allevi had already talked about his pains on the occasion of the concert at the Petruzzelli Theater: “The back pain, very strong, after three months – he wrote – still does not leave me. And yet, during the concert in Bari, I don’t know for what miracle, for about ten minutes was gone. So much so that I said to the audience: “It seems to me that he’s gone … This stage is magical!”. After a couple of songs, he started to make himself feel stronger than before, and then I couldn’t resist: “The Petruzzelli Theater is so beautiful and warm that back pain preferred to come back here with us!”. I can’t blame him. “

There are various artists who in recent months have decided to make public the disease and the treatment path, from Emma Marrone to Fedez, from Alessandro Baricco to Gianluca Vialli, also to give hope and comfort to those in the same situation. Each year, in Italy, 5,800 people are affected by multiple myeloma, a blood cancer that originates in the bone marrow.