“The writer? He’s the first reader of himself.” Word of Michel Houellebecq, essayist, poet, director and screenwriter, absolute protagonist of a literary conversation in the square in Taormina. The author, one of the most important of contemporary French literature, took part in the meeting “Restless truth, the narrative of the future”, as part of “Taobuk, the book festival that is taking place these days in Taormina. To dialogue with the writer Marina Valensise, delegated councilor of the National Institute of the ancient drama, former director of the Italian Institute of Culture in Paris. Caxhenes to deal with various topics was the latest literary effort of Houellebecq, “annihilated”, where yes yes they tell the story of a long-time politician, minister of the economy, one of the most powerful men on the French political scene who is heading for the next presidential elections.
“Houellebecq manages to read literature as an x-ray of the world we live in – said Velensise – describes the human types we know and frequent in everyday life. The novelty of this novel is that this time it tells of a family cell together. to its network of relationships “. Houellebecq answered the numerous questions that were posed to him in an intense “face to face” during which Honoré de Balzac and Marcel Proust were also mentioned.
“The most important thing – said the writer – is to be able to make the character live within the book. A sort of autonomy. When I write a book I never know its end and we try, in any case, to make someone love or hate them. “. Finally, not even a glance at the current world was missing. “The crisis of democracy is a topic that I have addressed – he said he – I was struck, for example, by the movement of the ‘yellow vests’. Proof of the real existence of this crisis”. Then there was also talk of why a writer is about to conceive a novel.
“It is difficult to understand what changes and what has not changed – he observed – and whoever writes sometimes arrives late. However, it is the novelties that give motivation to write. I do not know, at the moment, if there will be another mine novel”.