“I think it is it is inevitable to declare a state of crisis with respect to drought. We have entire areas of the country and Europe that have not seen rain for months. ”This was stated by the Minister of Agricultural Policies, Stefano Patuanelli, during the Blue Forum Italia Network in Gaeta.

“The increase in energy began in September after a windless late summer in the north that led to less energy production, and this resulted in an increase in gas reserves,” said Patuanelli. “The ecological transition must be concrete, with all the players at the same table making common decisions”.

It is drought alarm for Coldiretti, according to which the hydrometric level of the Po river al Becca Bridge (Pavia) it has dropped to -3.7 meters to its lowest levels for at least 70 years. Large lakes are also suffering, such as Maggiore, which fell to an all-time low with a 22% filling level, while that of Como is 25%. A “dramatic” situation, according to Coldiretti, in a 2022 marked up to now by practically halved rainfall, with the lack of rain which in some areas has lasted for almost three months with the use of tankers, rationing and restrictive measures also to water gardens and gardens.

Without rain and adequate measures the rice fields of Vercelli they will be at risk “from the first week of July”. “Everything revolves around three factors: rainfall, the release of water from mountain basins and a derogation from the minimum vital flow of rivers. Unfortunately we don’t have a plan B for rice“, says Benedetto Coppo, president of Confagricoltura Vercelli and Biella.” In the two territories about 74,000 hectares of land are cultivated, one third of the total area in Italy, and 70,000 hectares are found only in the Vercelli area “, he adds.

Piedmont, historical low of the invaded, reduced by up to 50%
The situation in Piedmont indicates that the reservoirs are at an all time low and show an average reduction of 40% or even 50% compared to the historical average. It emerged from the meeting with the operators of the hydroelectric sector, convened shortly after the conclusion of the work of the permanent table for the water emergency set up by the president of the Piedmont Region, Alberto Cirio, and coordinated by the Councilor for the Environment, Matteo Marnati , from which the maximum willingness to collaborate and the will to cooperate with irrigation consortia emerged.

The next 15 days will be crucial to saving crops and for this reason a request was made for availability to release as much water as possible, net of the needs of the equally strategic hydroelectric sector. “Thus in the meeting with the sector, the Piedmontese regional councilor for the Environment, Matteo Marnati, to whom the president, Alberto Cirio entrusted the table for the water emergency. “In the next few days – he added – we will be aware of all the local initiatives in the field. To the operators, he adds, the thanks of the Regional Council for the sensitivity and willingness shown “.

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