The Ministry of Education has started an in-depth study on the case of Professor Cloe Bianco by Marcon (Venice), the trans teacher who committed suicide in recent days. The ministry confirmed this to ANSA. In particular – it was explained – all the outlines of the story are being reconstructed.

It was there that pressed the department in the afternoon Uil:The Ministry of Education is guilty as it was an accomplice of what happened: he suspended Cloe Bianco from teaching, putting her to work in the secretariats, no longer considering her capable of teaching and hitting her as if she were a social patient. Now he should do an investigation and understand that mistakes must be admitted, even past ones, to prevent the school from being conditioned by stereotypes and such events from happening again “, Pino Turi, general secretary of Uil Scuola told ANSA. “The school must guarantee freedommust open minds, must be immune from conditioning “, he concludes.

The Minister of Labor spoke on the subject during the day Andrea Orlando. “It is unacceptable that in Italy a worker or a worker suffers discrimination in the workplace for one’s gender identityas well as any other element of one’s sexual identity or anything that has nothing to do with job performance, “Orlando said in a long post.

“To any teacher, to any worker or worker who has revealed or is afraid to reveal such an important part of themselves, I want to reiterate firmly: the Ministry of Labor is on your side”, underlined Orlando.

“The possible of an ugly woman is so compelling that it takes your breath away”, wrote Chloe in his will – reported Orlando – That ‘possible’ has the size of the camper in which he lived and in which he decided to end to his life. That camper is also the perimeter of our prejudices, of our superficiality, of the bet that is lost when we choose contempt to please ignorance. Ignorance towards those who are judged different, towards those who, on the other hand, just want to live and be welcomed and respected as a person “.

“This was Chloe asking. Was he really that terrifying? Was it too much to ask to be accepted for who she felt she was? Still, for too many people, unfortunately, yes. The weight of prejudices is too strong, the spiral of silence that pushes one to conform to the dominant opinions is too comfortable. A spiral that pushed Chloe to the edge of her, locked her up in a camper, isolated her to the place where she did her work, a school. The work that should be the place of solidarity, inclusion and dignity has become the antechamber of that camper. Nobody can be said to be innocent“, stressed the minister.

“Those who sow hatred, those who cultivate it, those who make it bear fruit as a putrid rent. But even we who have not been able to counter it, who accept this quickly grown malaplant as something to live with – he continued – There is not, I am not saying the acceptance that should accompany this time which has knowledge of the profound on its side, but not even the pity or the suspension of the judgment of our fathers and our grandfathers. In the name of values, of identity, of right-thinking conformism, there is daily stoning, cowardly derision or deaf and blind invective, perhaps digital, because he cannot hear or see the tumult of souls, of feelings, of the effort of living and understanding each other. This dear Chloe is not only ugly, he is precisely horror. May your death remember that we cannot accept it. “


Her charred body was found four days ago inside her RV, her “little house on four wheels” as she called it. She had decided to take their own life after years of suffering and prejudicekilled by the transphobia that had devastated her existence.

Yesterday on the memory of Cloe Bianco, a transgender teacher dismissed from her job after the sex changethe umpteenth was shot down shock statement by Elena Donazzan, the councilor for Equal Opportunities of the Veneto region who in the past had already criticized the case on his social networks, yesterday closed to the comments that were flooding his page. “It is shocking that the LGBT movement is using the tragic death of a person to make a political controversy – he says in an interview with Radio 24 -. I believe that the one who left Professor Bianco alone is the LGBT movement”.

In the interview, the councilor continued to speak in male about the transgender professor, labeling her for the umpteenth time as ‘a man dressed as a woman’. For Donazzan – who denounced insults and threats on his own profiles – “feeling one’s sexuality in a different, particular, homosexual, transsexual way is one thing, but the school is not the place of ostentation because that was what it was all about”. “Because to say that one is homosexual is a statement – she added -, showing up in class, because this happened, with a blonde wig, a fake breast, a miniskirt and heels is another thing”.

And right from the school – the “Scarpa-Mattei” Agricultural Institute of San Donà di Piave – come the words of a student who entrusted her thoughts on the tragic death of the teacher to social networks. “She was my teacher – Sara remembers – and the worst part is that the parents in the first place were shits who saw her as a freak making very long queues at interviews with her (which never happened before) just to see her in person and then laugh at her “.

“Unfortunately – he continues – my school had teachers and headmaster understood that he was not tactful in things, they were the first to speak of it with contempt”.

Among the comments to the post there is also that of a saleswoman in a shoe shop, where Cloe Bianco was served. “I had a happy LADY as a client because we had shoes with heels up to 44 – she remembers -. My employer didn’t say hello to her, my colleagues ‘trimmed it’. Very happy to put her slipper on like Cinderella and I treated her like a real princess “.

And, just to pay homage to the memory of the professor, yesterday dozens of professors, students and activists gathered in front of the headquarters of the Ministry of Education to ask that “never happen again“. The message written in capital letters on one of the many signs is clear: “Let’s free the school from transphobia”the hatred that killed Chloe Bianco.

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