The men’s 4×100 freestyle returns to the world podium, giving continuity to Olympic silver and European bronze. On the first day of racing at the world championship in Budapest, blues immediately super: Lorenzo Zazzeri’s show with a third 47 “35 fraction for second place which together with the opening of Alessandro Miressi from 48” 38 (fifth position), followed by Thomas Ceccon in 47 “57 (which goes back to fourth place) and at the closing of Manuel Frigo from 47” 65 he is worth the bronze in 3’10 “95. In front of all the Olympic champions and world record holders of the United States are confirmed in 3 ‘ 09 “34 with the first fastest stage of all by Calaeb Dressel in 47” 67; silver to Australia with the fastest finish among the finalists of Kyle Chalmers in 46 “60. The podium was missing from the bronze in Kazan 2015 conquered by Luca Dotto, Marco Orsi, Michele Santucci and Filippo Magnini, who followed the 2007 silver in Melbourne and the other bronze in 1975 in Cali with the president Paolo Barelli on the blocks for the first medal in Italian men’s swimming at the world championships.

The growth of Marco De Tullio continues, who closes the 400 freestyle in 3’44 “14 swam for three quarters in third position. Then the 21-year-old from Bari suffers the return of the Brazilian Guilherme Costa, who recovers two positions closing the podium in 3 ‘ 43 “31. The first world champion gold of the 19th edition of Budapest is taken by the Australian Eliijah Winnington who wins the duel with the German Lukas Martens. The frog is looking for the new king with the throne left vacant by the injured record holder and champion of all Sir Adam Peaty and Nicolò Martinenghi is a candidate legitimizing the aspirations with a 58 “46 dowry that is worth the first half of the semifinals. In his battery he precedes the American Nic Fink of 9 cents; the following battery is won by the Dutch Arno Kamminga, Olympic and European vice-champion, in 58 “89. “Pass in 27” 6, return without overdoing it – underlines the 22-year-old from Varese, Olympic bronze medalist in the individual and mixed tests – I performed the task that my coach (Marco Pedoja, ed) had assigned me to the letter. I have never swam a 100 breaststroke of this size with less effort. I’m happy with the performance, with the qualification for the final without wasting energy. “

He will start in lane 4 in the first world final of his career and will open the afternoon program on Sunday: a success would make him the first Italian to win a gold medal in a specialty other than freestyle or mixed. Thomas Ceccon still falls below the Italian record, who wins the first world championship final of his career with the second half of the 50 butterfly in 22 “79, again ex aequo with the American Caeleb Dressel, seven times Olympic champion and reigning world champion. Better than them, for three cents, only the British Benjamin Proud, gold in 2017. Behind them, by 8 cents, the other American Michael Andrew.