Water crisis in Italy: the regions most affected by the drought emergency are Piedmont and Lombardy which through their municipalities are intervening to limit water waste.

Water crisis in Italy, anti-waste ordinances are triggered: where and what it is

Water crisis in Italy, anti-waste ordinances are triggered

In the Po there is a drought crisis: the alarm went off in recent days due, in particular, to the lack of rain. “These values ​​have not been seen for about 70 yearswere the words that came directly from the Observatory on water uses that are making us reflect but at the same time worry.

Plus, this drought “Is causing serious concerns for agricultural producers and the consequent risk on food availability“: Was the denunciation of the regional Coldiretti, which through its president Ettore Prandini we are already talking about major damage “for over a billion following the decline in agricultural production “.

To respond to the water emergency, here are some ordinances have been issued or are in the process of being published in 170 the Municipalities with points concerning drinking water for the limitation or prohibition of improper use. The most difficult situation is in the Novaresewhere 10 municipalities also had to resort to the nighttime interruption of the supply.

Where and what it is

TO Tradatein the province of Varese, the mayor signed an order that prohibits watering orchards and gardenswash the car and refill the swimming pools. The goal is to avoid the waste of drinking water and in fact they are expected fines from 25 to 500 euros for those who do not respect the rules. On the website of the municipality it says: “The company Alfa srl ​​(which manages the integrated water service in the province of Varese), reported that the lack of rainfall in recent months has led to a significant scarcity of water flows available for water supply compared to those of previous years “. This is the reason that prompted the municipal administration to recommend careful use of water resources “Limiting the use of drinking water and avoiding consuming it for uses other than those strictly necessary for basic needs of the population”.

In the other territories between Biella And Vercelli, 9 Municipalities have issued ordinances and 12 interventions with tankers have been recorded; in the province of Turin, 80 Municipalities have issued or are about to issue ordinances and in 3 it was necessary to intervene with tankers to refuel the tanks at night. In the province of Wedge there are 10 municipalities with an ordinance issued or in the process of being issued and 5 have already intervened with tankers. To Alexandria 30 Municipalities with an order issued or in the process of being issued and an intervention with tanker. To Asti on the other hand, the situation is less critical thanks to the withdrawal of 100% of the water from a deep fault.

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