Arms to Ukraine, national council of the 5 Star Movement urgently convened tonight at 21. On the table the resolution against further dispatches of military aid to Kev that the 5S could present in Parliament on Tuesday, after the premier’s communications Mario Draghi in view of the EU Council of 23 and 24 June.


And above all the position of the Foreign Minister, Luigi Di Maiowhich, in rupture with the pentastellated summit, has been said on several occasions, the last one this morning, against a text that would “misalign” Italy with respect to the positions of NATO and the EU.

Disciplinary sanctions against Di Maio

There are also those who expressly ask for disciplinary measures to be adopted against the holder of the Farnesina, considered in the Movement to be ever closer to Draghi’s positions.

“Personally, I believe that measures must be taken, perhaps involving the network or in any case the national council. I would like to remind you that as a political leader Di Maio expelled people for much less serious things “, said the vice president of M5S, Riccardo Ricciardi interviewed by The Republic.

“We are at a point of no return: Luigi Di Maio has planned his exit from the Five Star Movement “, added Conte’s other deputy, Michele Gubitosaon the columns de The print. But beyond the declarations, a disciplinary measure against the foreign minister appears very unlikely.

“Expel Di Maio? But if not even the former president of the Senate Foreign Affairs Commission Petrocelli has been expelled! – observes a member of parliament of rank of the Movement -. There is certainly a problem of political positioning ”.

The replica of the dimaiani

Not surprisingly, always in the Turin newspaper that the Dimaiani return to reaffirm their position against a possible M5S resolution not shared by the rest of the majority.

“Today we discover that it was true and that someone is still working on a resolution that could split the majority, probably bring down the government and misalign Italy from its historical European and Atlantic alliances – replied the senator. Primo Di Nicola -. If we want to take Italy out of its historical positions in foreign policy, it is clear that we cannot live together, the destiny of the country is at stake. There can also be a split on such a noble issue “.

And that’s not all. “The words of Razov (the Russian ambassador to Italy, ed) look like a endorsement to the draft proposed by some M5S senators – added Di Nicola -. This fills us with shame: unfortunately, vintage Third World and anti-Americanism positions continue to emerge in the Movement. Maybe just to make money in the polls “.

Di Maio keeps the point

A story on which in the morning even one of the parties concerned returned to make his voice heard. “The leaders of the first political force in Parliament, instead of self-criticism, decide to do two things: attack, with hatred and hatred, the Foreign Minister and pursue positions that put the government in difficulty in the EU – reiterated Di Maio -. An unripe attitude that tends to create tensions and instability within the government. A very serious fact “.

Unlikely disciplinary sanctions

In short, a fracture, that between the leader Conte and the minister Di Maio, which becomes more and more irremediable with the passing of the hours.

Leaving a glimpse on the horizon of a split in the Movement that seems, in fact, already evident regardless of the decisions of the National Council tonight. And that risks having repercussions both on the holding of the majority and on that of the government.

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