“Brothers of Italy has always worked for the unity of the center-right. For this reason we are very satisfied that, in view of the ballots on Sunday 26 June, regardless of the technical and autonomous choices of the candidates for mayors, the political agreement of the entire center-right has been reached everywhere to beat the left Pd-Cinquestelle ”. This is what the president of Fratelli d’Italia announced yesterday, Giorgia Meloni.


Ballottaggi, Meloni: “In Verona Sboarina will be supported by the entire center-right”

“Even in the most complex situations such as Verona and Catanzaro – added the president of FdI -, where a formal appearance was requested which was rejected by the candidates for mayor in the ballot, as is almost always the case everywhere, it was still guaranteed, so much so that Wanda Ferro and FdI in Catanzaro, how much it gives Flavio Tosi and Forza Italia in Verona, support for the center-right mayoral candidate against the left front ”.

Federico Sboarina in Verona e Valerio Donato in Catanzaro – said Giorgia Meloni again speaking of the ballots – they will therefore be able to count on the support of the entire center-right, beyond the technical formulas of a sharing that remains substantial. In particular in Verona, albeit in the absence of a technical semblance, Fratelli d’Italia immediately guarantees the full sharing of the project with Flavio Tosi, to give the Scaligero capital a program and a winning center-right team “.

“I want to make a premise: mine is not a closure, from the first moment I have always been open to a program agreement. Then it’s true, I confronted myself with the various leaders and it is my choice, the moment I took it I took responsibility for all the consequences “. She explained to the Courier, Federico Sboarinaoutgoing mayor of Verona who will face the ballot with Damiano Tommasi.

With Giorgia Meloni “we made all the evaluations together. I explained that mine was meant to be a linear position, not an alchemy. The technical appearance in the eyes of the citizens appears as a palace logic ”, continues Sboarina. “Beyond attributing more advisors to Tosi, he would also have given them to Tommasi’s coalition. Since the left is our common enemy, I asked to build a common project ”.

With Flavio Tosi “we grew up in the same political area, then in 2015 he was expelled from the League and went against Zaia, but I have always supported our governor. On the referendum he followed Renzi, and in 2017 I posed as a novelty compared to Patrizia Bisinella’s candidacy for mayor, who later became his wife – he concludes – We took different paths, and I have always remained linear and coherent “.

Tosi: “There is no agreement in Verona”

“I read with wonder the note of Giorgia Meloni – commented, instead, Flavio Tosi -, who interprets my statement in her own way, alluding to an agreement reached with FDI in Verona in view of the ballot, an agreement that does not exist at all due to the choices of Federico Sboarina, who has shown up to now that he does not care about unity, much less the victory of the center-right. In Lucca, for example, where the candidate cares about the affirmation of the entire coalition, there was semblance, the only transparent instrument in front of the voters, foreseen by the law ”.

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